Analytics isn’t one-size-fits-all. We recognize companies need analytics for people with diverse skills and roles. Our products deliver on the entire continuum of self-service needs, empowering everyone in your enterprise to understand data, share insights, and make informed decisions.

Logi Info is a business analytics platform for rapidly creating interactive applications that include dashboards, reports, and self-service analytics.


Logi Vision is a visual data discovery application built for the workgroup that enables business users to discover and share insights using data.




Every industry has unique metrics. Our industry experts understand the problems your sector faces, and we’ve developed tailored solutions that reveal insights, redefine business needs, and help shape strategy.


Core functions like sales, marketing, and finance are the backbone of any company. Logi’s custom solutions accelerate insights, helping you optimize your core departments for maximum efficiency while reducing operating costs.


Data isn’t just in databases anymore. Bring together all your spreadsheets, corporate databases, big data sources, and cloud applications into a single view. Logi’s solutions help accelerate how you model, analyze, and visualize your data. 


Dashboards & Reportsdashboard for homepage

Dashboards and reports are core to delivering information and analytics understanding across the enterprise. We enable both technology professionals and the business users they support to create, interact with, and share a wide range of data visualizations, dashboards, and reports to anyone who needs them.


Embedded AnalyticsLogi embedded in Salesforce2

Logi helps you create smarter organizations by embedding analytics in the applications you use every day. We enable you to quickly embed a full range of self-service analytics capabilities to boost user adoption, improve the user experience, and differentiate your product.


Self-Service Analyticsreportdesigner-SSRM2

Everyone should be empowered to access the data and analytics they need, when they need it, without technical assistance. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to self-service won’t be successful. Logi helps drive user adoption across your business by tailoring intuitive end-user capabilities to match each individual’s specific role and needs.


Visual Analyticsvision

Analytics aren’t just for technical users and technology professionals. Using visual analytics, business users can easily combine data from databases, spreadsheets, and cloud sources to independently discover and share insights with their teams in real time. We empower anyone to quickly bring data to life and collaborate on emerging patterns and trends, regardless of their technical background.


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“The full set of Logi Info and Logi Vision allows us to provide all of the analytics options our customers are looking for. They are able to dive into the information they need, find insights, and use those insights to drive decision making.”

Paul King, Managing Director, Fieldology