Big Data Analytics

Harness Big Data for Actionable Insight

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Big Data is a broad term for the challenge created by the growing number of important data sources that are characterized by greater volume, velocity, or variety of information. To harness Big Data’s potential, we offer one of the simplest, most efficient, and cost effective reporting and analytics solutions for the new high performance data repositories that support Big Data sources.

Big Data Can Still Be Agile

Viewing, realizing, and acting upon new insights are paramount steps in any Big Data Analytics initiative. With our all-source integration architecture, companies achieve direct, high performance connections with Big Data sources that result in the fastest path to visualization and analytics applications for your initiative. Our product quickly and easily connects to technologies like Kognitio, MarkLogic, Netezza, and Vertica to provide an efficient solution for Big Data analytics applications.

Key Features

Easy Integration

Leveraging a standards-based approach, our unparalleled extensibility and flexibility around data structure, data types, and data models allows companies to quickly connect to Big Data technologies that support proven methodologies such as ODBC, JDBC, Web Services, and Javascript/JSON. Our product lets you avoid the hassles of writing specific routines for Big Data that muddy the user experience which means it is the right choice for companies focused on an efficient Big Data analytics and visualization technology.

Direct Connection

For the fastest path to Big Data Analytics, our technology connects directly to newer Big Data storage and query technologies without adding complexity or speed bumps caused by data or semantic layers. By avoiding the need to synchronize across extra intermediary data layers like meta data repositories, universes, or data warehouses, you can take full advantage of Big Data's strengths in parallel processing, in-memory computing, columnar storage, and CPU optimization.

Make Insight Actionable Through Apps

Translate Big Data Analytics into immediate business improvements with all-source integration, web, and mobile application capabilities. Our technology goes beyond traditional view-only displays and allows you to incorporate interactive forms, workflow, and data processing actions that integrate with web services, relational databases, and back-office applications so you achieve the Big Data results your business users demand.

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