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Mar 27th, 2015

One thing that we hear consistently in our conversations with companies is that everyone, including both IT and business users, wants self-service analytics. Businesses are looking to become more data-driven, and users want to be able to analyze data without having to constantly rely on IT.

In fact, findings from our 2014 State of Self-Service Report, found 93% of business users want access to self-service tools. However, organizations face the challenge of trying to balance end users’ ever-changing analytics needs with IT governance.

Next week, Logi will be speaking at the Gartner BI and Analytics Summit in Las Vegas about this very topic. The session, titled “The Broken Promise of Self-Service,” will help attendees understand where their end users fall on the Continuum of Self-Service and provide actionable recommendations for delivering the right tools to match their

Mar 20th, 2015

Nurse holding tablet“Big Data” has been a big buzzword for the past several years, but organizations weren’t really sure how to tackle it. It’s really been in the past two years that these organizations have been able to use this data to find new insights to improve or make actionable changes.

Let’s look at healthcare for example. Over the past decade there has been an unprecedented amount of information collected around patient care. Today, data is being streamed from almost every aspect of daily life. Mobile applications, health monitors, personal fitness trackers, various sensors, social media and electronic medical records are all vast sources of data. In healthcare, there has also been a massive initiative to fully digitize patient healthcare records. The US Government is also making massive amounts of data public through initiatives such as The

Mar 17th, 2015

Stat from State of Embedded AnalyticsFor many data-driven organizations, serving the analytical needs of the business requires more than implementing business intelligence tools or deploying visual analytics applications. Analytic content and capabilities must also be available when and where users need it most – inside the applications, systems, and processes that run a business. By embedding analytics into the applications that people use every day, users work smarter and more efficiently by having the relevant data and insights to solve high-value business problems in the moment.

In order to gain a broader perspective of how analytics are being embedded within applications, we’ve once again conducted a survey and released our third annual State of Embedded

Mar 10th, 2015

Business people at workGone are the days of the IT department holding all the technology purchasing power. Over the last 12-24 months, the purchasing power in a number of businesses has shifted to the line-of-business executives.

But what is driving this change? A major factor is the power of the customer. A good customer experience can set a company apart, and in order to compete, line-of-business executives are looking for ways to build better and faster customer experiences. This can include new ways of interacting with customers on social, mobile and possibly even wearable devices. They also need to understand the effectiveness of their actions. But managing the wide range of customer touch points across many channels throughout the buyer’s journey is almost impossible without the aid of technology.

In today’s