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Apr 17th, 2014

For years, the reporting and analytical needs of organizations were largely filled by traditional Business Intelligence systems. Generally taking months or even years to fully realize, traditional BI systems require heavy amounts of planning and resources, and often attempt to serve the diverse needs of everyone from upper management to workers in the field. As an IT-driven solution, traditional BI reports and dashboards offer a comprehensive top-down view of the organization. However, the demands of business users are changing, and it's time to consider new approaches to discovering valuable insights. This is where Data Discovery comes in.

Data Discovery

With data discovery the focus moves away from IT-driven systems towards a self-service, bottom-up approach to delivering data to business users.

Mar 27th, 2014

NIST seeks to bring rigor to data scienceSo it looks like Big Data hype has reached NIST, and they are setting off to tame it by delivering a framework to bring rigor to data science.

Frameworks are great.  They help me solve problems without first having to figure out all the aspects I should consider.  I use a checklist to pack for trips (don’t forget socks or my razor or headphones for the plane), and a standard grocery list (makes it easy to see what is missing from the

Mar 18th, 2014

It is nearly impossible these days to read anything that does not somehow refer to Big Data.  Whether it is an upcoming tech IPO or some secret government program, Big Data is in the news.   

Big data can mean a lot of things to different people.   Definitions of big data typically revolve around an ever-growing volume of data, an increasing velocity in the generation of that data, and an increased variety of types of data.  Some folks will debate whether this is a completely new phenomenon.  Two things are clear - there are many offerings in the marketplace attempting to address the big data challenges, and it is a fast evolving marketplace.   

It is in this changing environment that our customers are looking to understand how these new solutions can be combined with their traditional approaches to create new applications once thought impossible, to develop competitive advantages and to reduce costs.    

Mar 4th, 2014

Data and analytics is a disruptive force in all products and services, serving as a basis to create new businesses and upend existing business models. All businesses today capture data in some way, but the true value for the end user comes from the ability to analyze the data collected.FitBit Analytics

For example, look at popular technologies such as Nike Fuelband or Fitbit. These wristbands are equipped with sensors that monitor your activity, and once the data is synced to their cloud, you are able to analyze your activity and compare against your friend’s activity. These products are growing in popularity. The introduction of personal health data is changing how people think about their health.

Sensor technology is used extensively in hospitals as well. Versus Technology provides technology to hospitals, enabling them to physically tag all