Embedded Analytics

Increase the value of other applications by delivering data visualizations and analytics inside them.

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By delivering a more productive experience from your existing applications, you can meet growing end-users demands even while IT budgets are shrinking. With Logi Info, you can embed dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and analytics into these applications quickly, securely, and for far less than replacing or upgrading these systems.

Choose from hundreds of pre-built data visualizations and elements.

Logi Info enables you to pick and choose the elements that you need, resulting in faster development and more agile responses to future adaptations that may arise from new business requirements. Our platform also makes it easy to integrate with any security model, allowing you to provide not only security but also role-based access to specific data and data visualizations.

Key Features

Logi's Zero Footprint

A major consideration when discussing the integration of two applications is what impact a second application will have on the performance and operation of the main application. As free-standing Web applications, Logi report applications are designed to have a "zero footprint", which is to say no impact at all. A Logi report functions as a separate website your main application connects to. Logi reports can be run in a way that entirely isolates them from the main application: no shared code, no supporting library dependencies, and no mutual versioning considerations. As free-standing Web applications, Logi reports can also be run on separate servers so that there need be no performance or storage impacts on the main application.

No Common Code Required

Logi reports do not need to be combined with the code of your main application. There are no function or object libraries, and no API that you need to add to tyourmain application code. While Logi .NET applications are typical ASP.NET apps, none of their code is placed in the Global Assembly Cache. Additionally, Logi Java applications use their own .jar files.

Direct Data Source Connection

Logi applications connect directly to a wide variety of data sources, so they do not need to rely on the data connectivity of the main application and application performance is not affected at all by data retrieval and processing activities.

Multi-tenancy (SaaS) Support

Logi is designed to work with a wide variety of multitenant architectures to support broad based deployments where custom data partitions are required. Logi’s approach to multi-tenancy allows you to leverage your existing security architecture and seamlessly pass all credentials via single sign-on. Once authenticated, the Logi elemental design approach supports managing authorizations at the Element, Report, Dashboard, and Data/Record-level.

Third Party Javascript Libraries

jQuery can be integrated in Logi applications, allowing developers to take advantage of a variety of components, effects, and features. Logi Info features elements that make it easy to include the jQuery libraries, either from local copies or remotely via a URL, in your report definitions.


Plugins give Logi developers the ability to programmatically extend the functionality of their Logi applications. Developers can dynamically change the behavior of their Logi applications at runtime through the use of plug-ins. These include modifying report definitions, grooming retrieved data by removing extraneous character sets, customizing look and functionality, accessing HTTP Request and session variables, accessing resources such as the Web server file system and OS services, and altering the generated HTML output before it's returned to the browser.

Embedded Analytics Graphic

Single-Sign-On / Logi Secure Key

Our "Logi Security" features offer secure access protection at the report, object, data row, and even down to the data column level. Logi Security is very flexible and can operate in a stand-alone mode to independently retrieve security credentials for authentication and authorization from OS-based security systems, such as a Windows Active Directory domain, from LDAP directories, from custom security databases, and from a variety of other sources. For those interested in a single sign-on implementation, Logi SecureKey Authentication allows a main application to handle logins and authentication, and to securely pass user authorization information into a Logi reporting application.

Embedded API Specification

The Logi Embedded API provides developers with easy and agile methods for embedding Logi app components (reports, dashboards, and analytics) into other, non-Logi Web pages. This includes static embedding using markup, or more dynamic embedding using JavaScript and other HTML specifications (e.g. CSS)

quotation mark We had a planned integration timeframe of 3 to 6 months. We were very surprised and happy to have a fully integrated product within the first 30 days."

Shane Edmonds - CTO, Motionsoft

quotation markOur easy-to-use, seamlessly embedded dashboards and reports are a great selling point. Our win rate has been tremendous."

Steve Fischer - CTO, Origami Risk

quotation mark One of the main reasons we were named a Gartner Cool Vendor is our analytics capabilities and these are largely because we implemented Logi Info."

Wiard Hidding - Director Strategic Projects & Product Owner, Interactive Medica

quotation mark Reporting has always been
one of our competitive advantages. That advantage is now even stronger and our sales cycle has shortened 25-50%."

Kris Barker - CEO, Express Metrix

quotation mark I’ve never had this kind of agility and flexibility before. It’s remarkable that we could develop the kind of software we’ve developed in the period of time we’ve done it in.”

Mark de Amici - CTO, LSI