Government Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics

Distribute information to vast audiences quickly, easily, and affordably.

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Our solution gives you the power to quickly arrive at data-driven decisions that can increase efficiencies, drive cost savings, and improve program and project management – all while maintaining collaboration, visibility, and transparency across agencies and constituents. Unlike traditional BI approaches and toolsets that require time-consuming development, our technology is an agile, web-based solution that can rapidly adapt to your government dashboard, reporting, and analytics needs at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Key Features

Compelling Interactive Data Visualization

Logi Info contains hundreds of prebuilt elements that make producing clear, engaging dashboards and reports remarkably easy. Though each one is customizable, these visual elements are designed to deliver professional-grade design out-of-the-box. Logi Info also contains data exploration elements that leverage these visualizations to give end users of any type the ability to investigate and analyze their data and share these views.

Reduce Burden on IT

With our exceptional ease of use, you can rapidly produce dashboards and reports and deliver them to those who need it most – without heavy IT investment. Our unique “Elemental Design” approach gives IT a code-free way to rapidly design and deliver compelling and interactive dashboards and reports to any kind of desktop or mobile device.

Bring Together Multiple Data Sources

Our technology allows you to quickly and easily integrate disparate data across different systems, so you can gain a comprehensive view into large volumes of complex data across multiple sources, departments, and agencies.

Keep Costs Down

When the need calls for delivering reports and dashboards to large audiences, we provide a complete range of functionality without any per- user fees. Our licensing is based on core or CPU, giving you the freedom to grow your deployment without any increased cost.

Increase Efficiencies

As budgets shrink, agencies at all levels of government need to root out inefficiencies and identify ways to cut waste. Our technology allows you to quickly and easily gain a comprehensive view across agencies to identify inefficiencies, as well as deliver actionable information to those who need it most. By optimizing operational and financial performance, reducing waste, and standardizing information delivery across agencies, you can help keep costs contained.

Increase Transparency and Data Sharing

In today’s challenging economic and political environment, transparency and information distribution is vital to constituent, employee and contractor engagement. With our technology, government dashboard and reporting information is highly interactive and can be tailored by the end-user, giving them personalized access to information like government spending, programs, and activities the way they want to access it and see it.

Embedded API Specification

The Logi Embedded API provides developers with easy and agile methods for embedding Logi app components (reports, dashboards, and analytics) into other, non-Logi Web pages. This includes static embedding using markup, or more dynamic embedding using JavaScript and other HTML specifications (e.g. CSS)

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John Galsworthy - Head of Parking and Business Service, Islington

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Clive Morris - CEO, TCR Nottingham

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Troy Whitlow - Vice President Applications, Sterling InfoSystems