Interactive Mobile Applications

Extend your operations to field with applications that are fully connected.

Logi Interactive Mobile Screen Shot

The push to deliver solid, operational functionality to the mobile workforce is greater than ever and most attempts to deliver corporate mobile apps have consisted of static reports and dashboards – basic one-way information. Delivering useful information is a good start, but the real value lies in empowering mobile users to interact with data.

No other platform creates interactive mobile apps like Logi Info.

Logi Info allows you to create mobile applications that not only deliver information, but also interact directly with your core systems in a secure and prescribed way. Our unique ability to provide write-backs, workflows, and conditional logic lets you create fully interactive applications that deliver complete functionality.

Our 100% web-based platform lets you quickly create these applications, preview how they’ll look on various devices, and then deploy them with a single click without any client-side downloads or updates. And, as with all Logi Info applications, our elemental design approach means they’re incredibly easy to create, deploy, and maintain.

Key Features

One-Click, Instant Mobile Deployment

With Logi Info, a single application can be used to simultaneously support any type of web-enabled device. Once authored, our apps can be deployed across any number of servers with a single click, and made instantly available to all platforms.

Interactive Mobile Graphic

Mobile-optimized Elements
(CSS/Themes, Navigation, Actions, Dashboard, Inputs, HTML5)

Each application element in the Logi Library is designed to get the most out of each type of platform. The themes, navigation, actions visualizations, and inputs of any application can automatically leverage the different functionality present in any device. GPS, phone, touch screen input, etc., can all be made part of how your application runs, yet you need only create a single app regardless of whether you want to deploy the app on a laptop, iPad, or DroidX.

Phone/Tablet Simulator

When making Logi web applications, you can easily preview how your application will appear on various devices, speeding up your design process and letting you get the most out of each platform.

quotation mark Placing Logi Info at the center of our management processes has had a dramatic impact, not the least of which is £800k in annual cost savings."

John Galsworthy - Head of Parking and Business Service, Islington

quotation mark Our new dashboard changed the way we do business. Our ability as a company to make the right business decisions has greatly improved."

Michael Hanken - Vice President IT, Multiquip

quotation mark I’ve never had this kind of agility and flexibility before. It’s remarkable that we could develop the kind of software we’ve developed in the period of time we’ve done it in.”

Mark de Amici - CTO, LSI