Logi Analytics is the Leading Provider of BI Solutions to Software and SaaS Providers

Logi Analytics enables you to differentiate your products and create new revenue streams by adding reporting, dashboards, and analytics to your products and services. Logi Analytics offers:

  • Seamless Embeddability
  • Multi-tenancy Support
  • Tailored Licensing
  • Flexible Security
  • Web-based Architecture
  • Full Support and Training

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Watch the Logi Analytics for Software and SaaS Overview

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Our platform lets you embed analytics and data visualizations quickly, and in a way that preserves your brand and provides a seamless user experience. Unlike building from scratch or integrating traditional BI platforms – approaches that require time-consuming development – our technology let’s you easily design, integrate, and deploy so you can meet critical launch cycles.

Increase Revenues and Stay Competitive

Embedded reporting, dashboards, and data visualization capabilities can help differentiate and enhance the value of your offerings through an improved end user experience, translating into new revenue streams, faster sales cycles, and higher retention and user adoption rates. We help ISV and SaaS providers immediately enhance the value of their offerings and see the benefits of this value quickly.

Key Features

Rapid Development and Deployment

Our “Elemental Design” approach provides hundreds of pre-built modules that can be very quickly embedded to meet your release schedules. You can get your product to market faster, while keeping costs down and developers focused on your core technology.

Seamless User Experience

Our web-based output and highly flexible embedding reporting options allow you to tailor the look, feel, and functionality of your dashboards and reports to match your application interface, creating a consistent and positive user experience. Fully customizable design elements, single-sign on, security integration, and white-labeling capabilities make implementations seamless to your customers.

Multi-tenancy (SaaS) Support

Logi is designed to work with a wide variety of multitenant architectures to support broad based deployments where custom data partitions are required. Logi’s approach to multi-tenancy allows you to leverage your existing security architecture and seamlessly pass all credentials via single sign-on. Once authenticated, the Logi elemental design approach supports managing authorizations at the Element, Report, Dashboard, and Data/Record-level.

Advanced Visualizations and Features

Our technology allows you to select from an extremely wide range of interactive and visually engaging charts and reports that can meet your end-user requirements, from the sophisticated to the simple. You can easily grow and extend your functionality over time, evolving visualizations as your product evolves.

Experienced Guidance

We have a fully dedicated OEM team and a decade of experience in helping hundreds of companies to embed reporting, dashboards, and analytics, From visual design to feature selection and integration strategies, we’ve developed best practices for every type of situation and will work with your team to make them part of your implementation.

Custom Tailored Integration

Our flexible and extensible architecture allows your developers to quickly embed the specific features you need, and leave out the ones you don’t – saving time, reducing complexity, and simplifying support.

quotation mark We had a planned integration timeframe of 3 to 6 months. We were very surprised and happy to have a fully integrated product within the first 30 days."

Shane Edmonds - CTO, Motionsoft

quotation markOur easy-to-use, seamlessly embedded dashboards and reports are a great selling point. Our win rate has been tremendous."

Steve Fischer - CTO, Origami Risk

quotation mark Reporting has always been
one of our competitive advantages. That advantage is now even stronger and our sales cycle has shortened 25-50%."

Kris Barker - CEO, Express Metrix