Logi Info: The All-in-One Information Application Development Platform

  • Fast - Choose from 600+ pre-built elements
  • Easy - Eliminate coding with the drag and drop interface
  • Flexible - Connect to nearly any data source
  • Affordable - Deploy to large audiences without per-user fees

Watch the Logi Info Overview

Dashboards Reports Analytics Screen Shot

Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics:

Solve the BI Chocolate Cake Problem

For years, IT pros have been faced with the dilemma of spending a fortune on traditional BI solutions, building custom solutions from scratch, or letting their business users run wild with expensive and unscalable desktop apps. We refer to this dilemma as the BI Chocolate Cake Problem, and Logi Info strikes the perfect balance between building from scratch and pricey apps for end users.

  • Create feature rich, interactive data visualizations
  • Connect simultaneously to multiple data sources
  • Utilize customizable, role-based security
  • Deploy a single app to multiple desktop and mobile platforms

Web Portals:

Keep Any Size Audience Informed And Connected

Web portals provide an excellent way to share information in a scalable, secure, and personalized way. With traditional BI software, delivering this type of information to more than a few end users can be cost prohibitive. With the Logi Info platform, there are there no per-user fees. You can deliver to any size audience without having to worry about skyrocketing costs.

  • Integrate with external media, web services, and HTML content
  • Deliver real-time information with automatic AJAX refreshes
  • Utilize role-based security and integrate with any security model
  • Empower users to create their own views to best suit their needs

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Mobile Apps Screen Shot

Interactive Mobile Applications:

Interact With Your Systems From Anywhere

Logi’s Info platform is truly unique. It allows you to create mobile applications that not only deliver information, but also interact directly with your core systems in a secure and prescribed way. Our unique ability to provide write-backs, workflows, and conditional logic lets you create fully interactive applications that deliver complete functionality.

  • Create 100% web-based, platform neutral applications
  • Instantly deploy a single application to multiple mobile platforms
  • Utilize mobile-optimized elements like GPS, touch screen input, etc.
  • Preview applications on the phone/tablet simulator

Embedded Analytics:

Add Data Visualizations Inside Your Operational Apps

With Logi Info, you can embed dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and other analytics into operational applications quickly, securely, and for far less than replacing or upgrading these systems.

  • Embed apps without combining code or impacting performance
  • Connect directly to data sources to speed processing activities
  • Deliver seamless, customizable, single sign-on security
  • Dramatically extend the functionality of applications with plugins

Embedded Analytics Screen Shot


Web Front-ends Screen Shot

Web Front-Ends for Operational Systems:

Extend Your Existing Infrastructure

Give new life to legacy operational systems that have clunky interfaces or are unable to integrate with other applications and data sources. Logi Info lets you improve the usability and reach of your operational apps while avoiding high cost and chaos. The Logi Info platform allows you to easily create secure Web interfaces that provide a clean, informative way for users to get information from and interact with one or multiple combined systems.

  • Integrate MS Office and Google documents into existing apps
  • Improve workflow with automated emails, processes, scripts, etc.
  • Automate the processing of data
  • Ensure data synchronization with write-backs to source systems