Why Logi? Let Our Customers Tell You Why.

Our enthusiastic customers and the software itself are the best evidence of the vast difference between a BI application and our powerful, easy to use information development platform that provides so much more than just reports and visualizations.

More than anything, we encourage you to view our customer stories below and view our on-demand product demo.

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quotation markWith Logi Info, we’ve empowered our sales team with real-time data and saved significant time in creating reports."

Matt Agresta - Information Systems Manager, Anritsu

  • Dashboard done on time and on
    budget in 30 days
  • Time savings: at least 3/4 of a day per month on one report

quotation markOur customers’ ability to recognize return on investment of our product has increased as a result of partnering with Logi."

Anthony (TJ) Felice - President, ISOdx Solutions

  • Working model built in under 4 weeks
  • Increased ability for customers to recognize ROI of ISOdx solutions
  • Increased user adoption

quotation markWe had a planned integration timeframe of 3 to 6 months. We were very surprised and happy to have a fully integrated product within the first 30 days."

Shane Edmonds - CTO, Motionsoft

  • Implemented in 30 days, 4X faster
    than planned
  • Dashboards a great selling point
  • Seamless user experience

quotation markThe application development of Logi is the extra edge and it’s what I had always missed with Crystal. We've saved a substantial amount each year."

Alicia Loughnane - IT Director, Grand Crowne Resorts

  • Built inventory tracking system in
    90 days
  • Reallocated 3 full time employees
  • Substantial annual savings

quotation markPlacing Logi Info at the center of our management processes has had a dramatic impact, not the least of which is £800k in annual cost savings."

John Galsworthy - Head of Parking and Business Service, Islington

  • £800k ($1.3M) annual cost savings
  • Accessed disparate data sources
  • Real time insight

quotation markLogi Info is very intuitive and enabled us to go to market quickly at a fair cost. We have significantly enhanced the functionality for our clients."

Kevin Dodson - Associate Director, Baker Tilly

  • Significant reduction in client
    take-on costs
  • Enhanced functionality for clients
  • Won “Best Use of Internet” Award

quotation markOur new dashboard changed the way we do business. Our ability as a company to make the right business decisions has greatly improved."

Michael Hanken - Vice President IT, Multiquip

  • iPad sales app improved efficiency
  • Deliver quotes in front of customer
    in seconds
  • Quickly created a variety of reports
    and dashboards

quotation markOne of the main reasons we were named a Gartner Cool Vendor is our analytics capabilities and these are largely because we implemented Logi Info."

Wiard Hidding - Director Strategic Projects & Product Owner, Interactive Medica

  • Named Gartner Cool Vendor
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Territory Planner leveraging
    database write-back

quotation markReporting has always been one of our competitive advantages. That advantage is now even stronger and our sales cycle has shortened 25-50%."

Kris Barker - CEO, Express Metrix

  • Sales cycle shortened 25-50%
  • Improved ability to convey value
    of application
  • Provided end-user configuration

quotation markOur easy-to-use, seamlessly
embedded dashboards and reports are a
great selling point. Our win rate has been tremendous."

Steve Fischer - CTO, Origami Risk

  • Marketable application in less than
    6 months
  • Pushing the envelope with reporting capabilities
  • Tremendous win rate

quotation markLogi Info has enabled us to access our disparate data and speed reporting. We’ve saved the time of at least one full time employee.”

Brian Kost - Strategic Business Analyst, VasoHealthcare

  • Significant time savings, > 1 FTE
  • Developed opportunity management system
  • Logi Info the primary interaction point
    for users

quotation markI’ve never had this kind of agility and flexibility before. It’s remarkable that we could develop the kind of software we’ve developed in the period of time we’ve
done it in.”

Mark de Amici - CTO, LSI

  • Built Commodities Tracking System
    in 12 mos with 1 developer
  • Win over 50% of contracts bid on
  • Win 60% of dollars within target market

quotation markWe wouldn’t have won the business without Logi Info. With a tool like Logi Info, you can provide excellent results with smaller teams and less time.”

Clive Morris - CEO, TCR Nottingham

  • Winning new business
  • Built secure applications for NHS
  • Enable users to manipulate data with Analysis Grid

quotation markLogi enabled us to develop quickly. How we communicate data to clients is critical. Logi Info Server’s flexibility enables us to meet our specifications.”

Troy Whitlow - Vice President Applications, Sterling InfoSystems

  • Dramatic productivity increase
  • Comprehensive reports for HR professionals
  • Rapid development with minimal IT investment

quotation markLogi has helped us in our effort to continually drive improvement in our business. We’ve reduced inventory and achieved our Just in Time goals."

Scott Brooks - eCommerce Leader, Crane Pumps & Systems

  • Reduced inventory and achieved
    Just in Time goals
  • Reduced IT burden
  • 80% time savings for users

quotation markLogi Info has been a game-changing platform for us. I was able to create cohesive app and we now have happier customers and are delivering more product."

Brian Hanley - Sr. Applications Programmer, Gopher Resource

  • Increased productivity
  • Enabled Just in Time manufacturing
  • Effective communication between plant
    floor and executive offices

quotation markPlugging Logi into our infrastructure so we could maintain security in our hosted app was very advantageous. We implemented in under 40 hours."

Art Khanlian - CIO, Defran Systems

  • Implemented in under 40 hours
  • Users can report on custom fields
  • Plugged Logi into existing security hierarchy

quotation markLogi Info helps us monitor 41% of the country’s blood transfusion supply and has saved us about half a full-time employee’s work."

Greg Bishop - Director of Information Services, Blood Centers of America, Inc.

  • Built system to facilitate transfer of
    blood products
  • Saved half a full-time employee’s work
  • Benchmarking dashboard allows
    centers to compare KPIs

quotation markLogi Info was easy to learn and
enabled me to quickly provide the users
a flexible tool with a business
worthy interface.”

David Hodgson - CIO, Perry's Ice Cream

  • Easy to learn
  • Quickly built flexible sales
    analysis tool
  • Users able to drill into data to find whatever info they want

quotation markLogi Info was the only product supporting our lean BI thinking. Our new automotive intelligence capabilities provide us a huge competitive advantage."

Guido Niermann - Director IT, Dataforce

  • Implemented in less than 90 days
  • Gained huge competitive advantage
  • Employees not skilled in development can also build reports