Embed data analytics seamlessly in your application

Logi helps application teams increase time to value for analytics. Secure, reliable, and scalable, Logi's embedded solutions give you comprehensive self-service capabilities and complete control of the UX.

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The end of the disjointed analytics experience

No more convoluted user flows, no more iFrames. An embedded analytics experience allows for optimal user experience and complete customization.

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Dashboards and Data Visualization

Power personalized experiences right in your application with Logi’s white-labeled solutions.

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Operational Analytics Reporting

Customize your application’s reporting to meet any requirements that you may have.

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Grow your revenue without growing headcount

End users want real-time data for actionable insights. Software teams want to deliver an engaging user experience on time and on budget. But, you shouldn’t have to compromise your whole roadmap for analytics.

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Removing the roadblocks to growth

Lower up-front cost to build analytics
Faster time to market
Higher ASP through added capabilities

With Logi's embedded analytics, you can

  • Go beyond colors and styles with unmatched customization
  • Exceed the most stringent reporting requirements
  • Seamlessly integrate and extend functionality without iFrames
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  • Provide self-service as unique as your users
  • Tailor analytics features to a specific skill level or role of your end users
  • Inspire your users to generate their own actionable insights
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  • Leverage your current data and server infrastructure
  • Avoid heavy data modeling by connecting directly to data sources
  • Explore massive data sets with out-of-the-box connectivity
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  • Connect directly to data sources without redundant security efforts
  • Provide frictionless authentication that aligns with your current security model
  • Maintain precise control over end-user access and governance
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Logi is your partner in growth through analytics

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