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Embedded BI that goes beyond dashboards and reports.

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Create, deploy, and constantly improve analytic applications that engage users and drive revenue. You focus on building the best applications for your users, while Logi gets you there faster and keeps you competitive.

Bring Your Own Code

Create Faster
with Logi Elements

  • Logi Elements are powerful pre-built features that you can configure to meet custom requirements and create unique intellectual property, without having to code.
  • Hundreds of Elements, including: Data, Visual, Analysis, Security, Input, Process/Action, Styling, Formatting, Layout and Design.
  • Shorten development speed and training time since your team can use development languages, technology frameworks, security, and skills that are already in place.

Embed Seamlessly
into Your Application

  • Don't replicate your security. Logi leverages your existing security model, eliminating time-consuming and costly efforts.
  • Maintain your brand by creating a completely consistent, familiar, and branded UI so users stay engaged.
  • Extend the application with advanced APIs
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Keep Users
in Your Application

  • Self-service analytics empowers users to create their own visualizations and discover new insights. No need to exit or export.
  • Create custom experiences for every user. Deliver a platform that can be tailored to meet customer needs without relying solely on your development team to respond to every ad-hoc request.
  • Write-back enables your users to update the database without leaving the application.

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