Do you offer analytics dashboards, reports, and other BI tools to your end users?

How are these analytics presented?

To what extent is your team able to customize the look and feel of your BI offering?

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No Customization Total Customization Control

How would you describe the security integration of your analytics solution?

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Separate from the rest of our application Completely integrated with our application

Is your analytics solution mobile responsive?

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Not at all Yes, completely

Select all that apply: What features does your analytics tool have?

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  • Level 0 (out of 4): Standalone Analytics

  • Level 1 (out of 4): Bolt-On Analytics

  • Level 2 (out of 4): Inline Analytics

  • Level 3 (out of 4): Infused Analytics

  • Level 4 (out of 4): Genius Analytics