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2015 State of Embedded Analytics Report

By Alvin Wong
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For many data-driven organizations, serving the analytical needs of the business requires more than implementing business intelligence tools or deploying visual analytics applications. Analytic content and capabilities must also be available when and where users need it most – inside the applications, systems, and processes that run a business. By embedding analytics into the applications that people use every day, users work smarter and more efficiently by having the relevant data and insights to solve high-value business problems in the moment.

In order to gain a broader perspective of how analytics are being embedded within applications, we’ve once again conducted a survey and released our third annual State of Embedded Analytics Report. The report is aimed at providing insights on why and how organizations embed analytic capabilities within their applications. This year, in addition to surveying commercial ISVs and SaaS providers, we expanded the 2015 report to include non-commercial IT-managed applications used by internal staff and partners.


Some key highlights include:

  • End-users expect BI inside the applications they use every day – 82% of all application providers say that embedded analytics is important to their users.
  • Embedded analytics sees greater user adoption compared to traditional, non-embedded BI – Application providers say 40% of their app’s total user base leverages BI and analytics on a regular basis. This is 10% higher than the ceiling for user adoption of traditional BI tools as reported by industry analysts.
  • The value of embedded analytics has nearly doubled since 2013 – The median value of analytics relative to the overall product was reported at 43%, up from 35% and 22.5% in 2014 and 2013 respectively. Moreover, the median value of how much additional commercial application providers charge on top of their core offering is 25%, up from 15% in 2014.

We see the use of data transforming all products and services. In this age of digital business transformation, not only are all companies becoming software companies, all software applications are becoming analytic applications. As more companies adopt this point of view, we anticipate that more compelling and intuitive business applications will come to market, thus empowering us all to make smarter business decisions.

Learn more: Download the latest State of Embedded Report here. 

Originally published March 17, 2015; updated on October 31st, 2016

About the Author

Alvin Wong has an extensive background in solution architecture and implementation of SaaS and business intelligence applications. Alvin earned his MS in Engineering Management from Stanford University and BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.