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BI Solution Spotlight: Oil and Gas Providers

By David Hall-Tipping
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Companies in virtually any industry can benefit from analytics solutions. Logi Analytics helps more than 1,700 customers around the globe to solve their business challenges through the power of data analytics. Nowhere are these challenges more complex than in the energy industry.

The Challenge

Oil and gas providers are responsible for providing resources that affect hundreds of thousands of people. In order to ensure services remain uninterrupted for their customers, these companies must be able to easily access financial data and operational metrics.

They need insight into operational performance for exploration and production activities as well as the ability to spot trends that might vary against plan. The challenge they face is that this varied data is often contained in multiple sources, making it all the more difficult to analyze and derive the insights they so desperately need.

For example, in order to meet production targets while at the same time minimizing cost margins, a well-exploration company must optimize its upstream operations processes, which deal with both the exploration and production of oil and gas. Exploration covers the drilling and completion of wells, while production focuses on the recovery of oil and gas from those wells.

The challenge for a company like this one is balancing uptime production against responses in fluctuating oil and gas prices.

The Solution

Using a self-service analytics solution from Logi Analytics, this company can see an integrated view of exploration and production management. By giving them the ability to report on well details and bore data, we can provide insight into their performance and drilling efficiency.

Logi enables oil and gas companies to rapidly create interactive applications solutions that help them to:

  • Leverage visual analytics to track individual well exploration and completion information, including formation lithology, well-bore, and stage data
  • Aggregate data from many sources to report on daily production statistics for wells that are online and track against planned targets and period averages
  • Track operational downtime and job-related health incidents to help forecast production and revenue impacts

Let’s look at two real-life case studies:

  • Logi helped a global upstream oil and gas company to find a better way to access and analyze their financial data as well as operational metrics like health and safety, production, staff retention, and asset integration. Using Logi’s business intelligence platform, it created new dashboards to enhance the visibility of key metrics. What’s more, Logi gave them the ability to make these dashboards accessible on mobile devices, ensuring real-time data availability for their end-users.
  • Another supplier of fuel, gasoline and associated energy services employed Logi to transform their manual data handling process. Previously, this family-operated company created individual reports from several data sources, leaving their end-users the time-consuming task of manually comparing results. This created a huge bottleneck that, in turn, slowed down customer service procedures and sales processes.

Using Logi, the company was able to input data that needed to be tested and immediately accessed for reporting, giving them first-hand control to review test results against company standards. In addition to eliminating the data bottleneck, this solution gave them a better understanding of sales and customer data.

The Results

As you can see, self-service analytics empowers our energy industry customers to aggregate all the information they need to manage the performance of their oil and gas operations. With all this data in one place, these companies are able to make more informed decisions and create the appropriate rate of return. Potentially, they can also improve the effectiveness of their operational responses in periods of fluctuating oil and gas prices.

No matter the industry, Logi can help your company make data-driven decisions based on performance. Check out our demo of Logi Info to learn more.


Originally published December 4, 2015; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

David Hall-Tipping is a solutions manager at Logi Analytics, where he specializes in bringing together the business and technology sides of various industries and organizations.