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By the Numbers:
The Latest Stats in Embedded Analytics

By Michelle Gardner
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“Never underestimate the value of embedding analytics or providing customers an option to dig deeper into their data in the digital era,” says Impact Analytix Founder and Principal Analyst Jen Underwood, who wrote the foreword for Logi’s sixth annual State of Embedded Analytics Report.

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We believe in the value embedded analytics brings to application teams. That’s why, every year since 2013, we’ve surveyed hundreds of application teams to independently discover the state of embedded analytics.

In this year’s report, we asked over 500 product managers, software developers, engineers, and executives (only 7 percent of whom are Logi customers) their thoughts on embedded analytics. Once again, the study demonstrated why so many application teams are embedding analytics capabilities—and seeing real business returns.

Application teams estimate that embedded analytics contributes more than 50 percent of their application’s total value. What’s more, over 90 percent of respondents say embedded analytics contributes to overall revenue growth, improves the user experience, and increases customer satisfaction.

Check out more of our findings and statistics on embedded analytics in this infographic:


Originally published June 14, 2018

About the Author

Michelle Gardner is the Content Marketing Manager at Logi Analytics. She has over a decade of experience writing and editing content, with a specialty in software and technology.