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Logi Analytics Achieves Strong Results from BARC in The BI & Analytics Survey 21

By Scott Seal
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Logi Analytics is proud to be recognized as a leader in 18 key performance indicators (KPIs) by Business Application Research Center (BARC). BARC—a leading European industry analyst and consulting firm for business software—recently released the results of The BI & Analytics Survey 21. In this year’s survey, we achieved outstanding results in both the Operational BI and Embedded BI KPIs. We also earned recognition in the Cloud BI KPI and several other categories.

Here are some of the highlights for Logi Analytics from this year’s survey.

Overview of The BI & Analytics Survey 21

This year’s survey examined user feedback on BI product selection and usage across 36 KPIs. Some of these KPIs included business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation, and competitiveness.

BARC used ten different peer groups to identify competing products. Of these groups, Logi Analytics is featured in the following peer groups:

  • Americas-focused vendors that have a significant presence in the Americas region
  • EMEA-focused vendors that are primarily in the EMEA region
  • Dashboarding-focused products that create advanced and sophisticated dashboards
  • Embedded analytics-focused products, including reporting and analytics products that can be embedded in other business applicationsTake a look at which survey categories Logi Analytics took the lead in for these peer groups.

Top categories for Logi Analytics

According to The BI & Analytics Survey 21, Logi Analytics earned top recognition in the following categories:

  • Operational BI—Top ranked in the EMEA-focused vendors peer group. This KPI gauges the number of respondents who use real-time data from transactional systems with their BI tool. This year marks the third time we’ve received recognition for consistently outstanding performance in this KPI and peer group.
  • Embedded BI – Top ranked in the EMEA-focused vendors peer group. This KPI is based on the respondents’ use of embedded BI. We’re also leading in the other peer groups.
  • Cloud BI – Leader in all its peer groups. This KPI is based on the respondents’ use of a product in a cloud environment.

These results demonstrate the primary ways our customers use the Logi Analytics platform:

  • For Operational BI, they use our platform to retrieve data directly from various sources without replication. As a result, they reduce latency and use live data to gain insights.
  • For Embedded BI, our customers tailor the platform to their users’ needs, embed it into the parent application, and then securely deploy it as needed.
  • For Cloud BI, they prefer to use our solution in the cloud instead of in an on-premises or hybrid implementation.

Additional recognition as a leader

In The BI & Analytics Survey 21, we also gained recognition as a leader in the following categories:

  • Price to value in the EMEA-focused vendors and Embedded analytics-focused products peer groups. Our customers found our pricing to be fair for the performance of our platform. They also indicated the price performance ratio as the third most common reason for purchasing a product.
  • Vendor support in the Embedded analytics-focused products peer group. Users highlighted our support team’s service, abilities, and dedication as the key characteristics they value.
  • Visual analysis in the EMEA-focused vendors peer group. Our customers indicated they often use our analytics platform to perform visual analysis, helping them to navigate their data in an interactive way.
  • Flexibility in all its peer groups. According to BARC, our customers cite flexibility as their primary reason for choosing us.

BARC indicated, “To calculate the Flexibility KPI, we compared customers’ buying criteria with complaints after implementation. With relatively few complaints, Logi Analytics scored highly in this KPI.” Also, for the third time in The BI & Analytics Survey, we earned recognition for consistently outstanding performance in this KPI in the Embedded analytics-focused products peer group.

Overall, the survey found that 95 percent of surveyed users are satisfied with Logi Analytics. Also, 94 percent rate the dashboard creation functions from Logi Analytics as excellent or good.

BARC’s summary

BARC summarized Logi Analytics’ results by stating: “Customers seeking a flexible product portfolio to build tailored applications for operational or embedded scenarios should definitely evaluate Logi Analytics. Its strong set of results this year includes high scores in the Operational BI and Embedded BI KPIs, both of which are very important measures for this embedded analytics specialist. These KPIs confirm the heavy use of the solution in these scenarios as well as Logi’s expertise in supporting them. Moreover, the vendor is rated as customer-friendly in terms of its pricing policies and the support it provides.” Over 2,200 application teams trust the Logi Analytics platform to deliver sophisticated analytics capabilities and power their businesses. Learn more about why our customers trust Logi Analytics to provide the power behind possible.


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Originally published November 4, 2020; updated on February 16th, 2021

About the Author

Scott Seal is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Logi Analytics. He has over 25 years of experience in product marketing and management. Prior to Logi he was an independent consultant providing product marketing services to IBM, Lenovo and Cisco.