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Marketing’s Digital Distress

By Mark Lockwood
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No other department is struggling more with the data revolution than Marketing. There are over 950 products in the marketing technology landscape. That’s an overwhelming digital environment for a function founded on liquid lunches and brainy creative. That’s probably why Adobe recently reported that 40% of today’s marketers want to reinvent themselves as data-savvy hybrids – part statistician, part Picasso.

In a tragic twist, it turns out that the conventional data discovery tools that promised to level the playing field are actually designed for data scientists. Oh by the way, these guys happen to be in incredibly short supply. McKinsey estimates that only 50% of the demanded data scientists will be in the workforce by 2018. Fifty-percent. Instead of empowering a phantom workforce – where’s the data discovery tool for the everyday marketer?

In order to deliver on the true promise of digital marketing, marketers need to be empowered by a tool that democratizes data discovery. How? Here’s our approach:

1) Embrace the Data

Today’s data discovery tools organize data under abstract column names. That’s pretty confusing unless you build pivot tables every day. We looked at Excel and realized that most marketers are used to seeing and working directly with the data. Logi’s data discovery product, Vision, allows users to directly view and manipulate the real data so users can start creating visualizations right away. That seems a lot easier than trying to figure out how to construct an abstract data layer.

2) Build In the Complex

Data science is the magic fairy dust of analytics. Its true analyzing large datasets can be hard work, but consumer applications like Amazon and Netflix have been hiding the complexity of data science to empower broad, diverse audiences for years. Why shouldn’t you be able to apply the same principles to business applications? Logi Vision empowers marketers by automating complex data profiling, modeling and blending. Think of it as a data scientist – in a box.

3) Insights for the People, by the People

Many data discovery tools depend on their user’s influence to drive action on their insights. That seems elitist. Vision’s InfoBoard allow marketers to share data insights with their colleagues via a Twitter-like stream of visualizations. Marketers can to follow and “vote up” the people, topics and keywords that interest them the most. This allows visualizations from across the organization to get noticed based on the strength and popularity of their insights, not their country club membership.

With this unique approach to data discovery, we believe Logi Vision will empower a new generation of data-savvy marketers.


Originally published April 25, 2014; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Mark is the Director of Customer Account Management at Logi Analytics, where he is responsible for customer success, market development, sales enablement and thought leadership. Prior to joining Logi, Mark was a Lead Strategy Associate at the management consulting firm Booz & Company, where he helped create the firm’s first Big Data service offering. Mark earned a dual degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Northwestern University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.