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The Shift from Self-Service BI to Embedded Analytics [Infographic]

By Michelle Gardner
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For the past five to ten years, companies have responded to the demand for more data and insights by delivering self-service analytics to end users. These tools made it possible for users to get the information they craved without having to send ad hoc requests to IT.

But traditionally, self-service analytics exists in standalone tools. This meant users had to switch applications to get their information—and more than ever, companies are feeling the effects of screen fatigue. End users may crave more data insights, but no one wants to bounce from one application to another, or one site to another, to see their analytics.

How has the adoption of self-service changed over the past few years? Why are these tools no longer working? Explore new findings from the 2017 State of Analytics Adoption Report below—then download your copy of the full report. 

Infographic: Why Self-Service BI Is Being Replaced By Embedded Analytics



Originally published March 16, 2017; updated on July 23rd, 2018

About the Author

Michelle Gardner is the Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications at Logi Analytics. She has over a decade of experience writing and editing content, with a specialty in software and technology.