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The Value of Extended Business Intelligence

By Mark Lockwood
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Smartphones, social media and globalized markets have fundamentally redefined the way companies communicate and partner with their stakeholders. Companies today are increasingly dependent on input from customers, suppliers and distribution partners to remain competitive. This complex commercial network is collectively termed the “Extended Enterprise.” Check out the infographic below so see how you can tap into the power of extended business intelligence:



Originally published October 9, 2014; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Mark is the Director of Customer Account Management at Logi Analytics, where he is responsible for customer success, market development, sales enablement and thought leadership. Prior to joining Logi, Mark was a Lead Strategy Associate at the management consulting firm Booz & Company, where he helped create the firm’s first Big Data service offering. Mark earned a dual degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Northwestern University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.