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Unlocking the Value of Data: Why Fieldology Combined Info and Vision to Address Self-Service

By Marissa Davis
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Founded in 2010, Fieldology’s software platform is used by its customers to plan, analyze and adapt field marketing activity to maximize sales, check compliance and improve campaign performance. The Fieldology platform is all about leveraging the massive amounts of data it collects – including over 100,000 images, in excess of 2.4 million marketing data points every month, as well as millions of Point of Sale records and other sales information.

Collecting data in a fast, efficient and structured way is the first imperative for Fieldology users. Analyzing this data, combining it with other data sources, creating visualizations and then sharing them across a community of marketing, sales and brand professionals to optimize field execution is where Fieldology adds real business value.

Relatively early in its product development cycle, Fieldology identified that each customer would want a tailored data and reporting solution and it would not be strategically sensible to build the sophisticated BI capabilities it needed to deliver. In 2012, it began its search for a proven OEM analytics solution that could integrate with its data collection platform. After reviewing the functionality and ease of use of several solutions, Logi Info was selected as the best fit.

The Fieldology team started to develop its BI capability by using the Logi Info platform to build a series of highly customized analysis portals for its customers.  Creating reporting and visualization templates enabled customers to very quickly get value from the data they collected with the Fieldology platform. However, once users got a taste of the possibilities, they started requesting more and more variations in their reporting.

Addressing the Full Continuum of Self-Service

Successfully delivering self-service analytics is much more than just implementing a data discovery tool and letting users run free with their data. What users want out of self-service depends on how they prefer to work with data and how inquisitive they are. As a result, self-service capabilities span a continuum:

  • Consumers – prefer to view, interact with, and personalize pre-configured dashboards & reports
  • Creators – want to select predetermined data, author new reports, and share them across the business
  • Analysts – want to bring their own data, discover insights, and share them with others

Paul King, Managing Director for Fieldology, notes: “Creating portals and pre-built reports was a great start, but it soon became clear that we would need to develop more ad-hoc and self-service reporting capabilities. We needed to expand our solutions so they could be used by everyone from senior management, analysts, account teams and the field staff. Logi’s development of the Logi Vision visual analytics tool came at the perfect time to help us achieve this.”

Customer feedback about Logi Vision confirms that its addition into the reporting mix gives Fieldology users the highly intuitive, community-driven approach to self-service analytics that they were looking for. Not only that, but the users report that they really enjoy what they can do with the data themselves.

Logi Vision has simplified how customers interact and work with data, and provides a data discovery environment that can be used confidently by anyone in an organization to understand and share information for decision making.

Initially the relationship with Logi was to provide high-level management reporting for relatively few users within each customer, but there is now the potential to increase this number of users as customer demand grows for more self-service options.

Customer feedback confirms that Fieldology is using its investment in Logi to help brands unlock the value of the data they collect, speeding up their understanding of campaign execution and performance and allowing them to adapt and make changes much more quickly.


Originally published July 27, 2015; updated on November 27th, 2018

About the Author

Marissa Davis is the Corporate Communications Manager at Logi Analytics. She was previously an Account Manager at LEWIS PR, where she managed the public relation activities for a number technology companies. Marissa holds Bachelor degrees in Communication Studies and Technical and Scientific Communications from James Madison University.