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What Good is Embedded Analytics? The Quest for Identifying ROI

By Alvin Wong
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Our customers, at times, achieve an ROI from Logi Analytics technology that they’re able to accurately measure. In some cases, they’ve even won awards, such as Islington Council Parking Services and Grand Crowne Resorts.

But in many cases, customers are pleased with Logi, though they can’t ascribe numbers to the benefits. For example, Sterling Infosystems’ Vice President of Applications, Troy Whitlow, discusses achieving a dramatic productivity increase as well as rapid development with minimal IT investment. But he wasn’t able to tie numbers to it. (Trust me; I asked.)

The ROI question gets thornier with our OEM analytics customers. Like Logi, most of our customers are for-profit businesses with ultimate goals of increased revenue and reduced costs. With OEM customers, it’s difficult to say if their software is selling more because they’ve embedded Logi. Even if you conduct extensive interviews with new customers, as I do at Logi, it’s challenging to quantify what percentage of new deals were won exclusively because of some specific functionality. There are simply too many moving parts involved in technology purchases to make such distinctions.

However, I was fortunate enough to recently interview TJ Felice, President of ISOdx Solutions who stated, “Logi has helped increase the adoption of our tool by having the flexibility to access the information and present it in whatever way that particular stakeholder group wants to consume it. Our customers’ ability to recognize return on investment of our product has increased as a result of partnering with Logi. No longer is our tool seen as a siloed type of app that’s used exclusively by very technical resources; our tool can now be used across the entire tech support organization.”

While he likely can’t pinpoint precisely how much adoption of their tool has increased exclusively due to embedding Logi, and therefore he can’t quantify the increase to their top line & ROI, the fact that he can attribute those results to Logi is excellent. We’re pleased he took the time to share his story with us.


Originally published May 9, 2013; updated on August 10th, 2017

About the Author

Alvin Wong has an extensive background in solution architecture and implementation of SaaS and business intelligence applications. Alvin earned his MS in Engineering Management from Stanford University and BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.