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What Exactly Is an Analytics Development Platform?

By Josh Martin
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In the hyper-competitive embedded business intelligence space, it can be difficult to immediately articulate what makes a company unique. Logi is special because our Analytics Development Platform puts us at the nexus between the conveniences of buying an analytics tool and the flexibility of building your own solution.

Now, what exactly is an Analytics Development Platform in terms we can all understand? When I want to explain something complicated, I rely on the universal language of food.

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Building Your Own Solution = Cooking from Scratch

Steps: Find a recipe, shop for ingredients, prep the food, cook and eat

Appeal: A completely customized meal prepared exactly how you like

Reality: Fighting crowds at the grocery store, finding out the one key ingredient is not available at the end of your shopping trip, doing all the prep work and cooking ultimately yields an insufficient return on effort



  • Completely customized to your liking
  • Low cost per serving
  • Total freedom to choose any recipe you want
  • Going to the grocery store is time consuming (and stressful)
  • Some ingredients may be unavailable
  • Prep takes a lot of time
  • Extra groceries tend to go to waste (what am I supposed to do with the other 2/3 of a head of garlic?)

Analytics Development Platform = Meal Kit

Steps: Choose your meals, get them delivered, prep, cook and eat

Appeal: A convenient high-quality meal that eliminates much of the hassle of cooking from scratch while still providing customization options

Reality: Having to choose from a set menu can be frustrating at first, but the benefit of getting a complete meal designed to work together that still lets you customize wins you over – even if you sometimes wish you had more choices



  • Eliminate time spent at the grocery store (and the extra spend that always happens there)
  • Meal can still be highly customized
  • There is no waste as you get exactly what you need
  • Detailed instructions provided expediting the cooking process
  • Everything goes together (side, salad, main)
  • More limited menu
  • Higher cost per serving than cooking from scratch
  • You still need to do prep work
  • You have to decide on your menu in advance

Buying a Bolt-On Solution = Eating at a Restaurant

Steps: Find a restaurant, order what you want, eat

Appeal: A convenient option that eliminates all the hassle of cooking

Reality: Restaurants are wonderful because they eliminate all the effort. But you can only choose what they have to offer,  and you have very limited ability to customize your experience. You’re also much more likely to have bill-shock at the end of the meal



  • You don’t have to do any of the cooking
  • You have a wide range of choices
  • You don’t need any advanced prep work
  • The cost is high
  • You can barely customize the meal
  • You can’t control the ingredients used
  • You give up bragging rights since the restaurant owns the brand



Originally published May 16, 2017; updated on June 15th, 2018

About the Author

Josh Martin is the Director of Product Marketing at Logi Analytics. Prior to joining Logi he was an industry analyst covering bleeding edge distribution channels and their impact on the consumer market. In this role he was a thought leader and advised clients on how to successfully benefit from market shifts while positioning products and services for long-term success. Josh holds a Bachelor degree in Business from Babson College.