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Who is the Modern Marketer?

By Jen Senwoo
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What do you see when you hear marketer? Someone in an ad agency working on promoting their client’s next billboard campaign? An employee thinking about the next paint colors used on the newest Audi models? Or someone writing content to prospects about vacation deals listed on their flash travel site? It’s true; these are all examples of a marketer.

But what about a modern marketer? We’ve all heard the term before, but what does it exactly mean, and why is it important? The answer may not be what you think.

A modern marketer blends both measurement and creativity to create successful campaigns and strategic initiatives that have proven track records. For instance, the person working in the advertising agency knows that displaying billboard ads next to the financial building gets more traffic than if posted near the subway entrance. The employee at Audi knows that using monochromatic paint colors that include a metallic sheen provokes a sense of prestige and reassurance for the driver. And, the worker promoting the travel website – she knows that listing the number of days left in the vacation deal within the subject line generates the most click throughs.

Today’s changing environment never stops. It’s more social, more fragmented, more transparent and certainly more instantaneous. These layers bring complexity to the modern marketer and are forcing us to evolve intrinsically. How do we do that without going crazy?

1. Adopt the test and learn approach – marketers tend to thrive in a culture that fosters trying out new ideas and understanding what works and what falls flat

2. No need to be perfect – being the best may not last long, instead concentrate on adding value which usually occurs when you’re continuing to innovate

3. Motivate others – you’re only as good as the people you work with

4. Re-invent the wheel, a little bit – the constantly changing environment will always create opportunities for you to build on top of something that has successfully worked before – mix things up and try things out

5. Embrace failures – achieving results takes risk, and companies that learn from their mistakes are bound to discover success

SalesForce has a creative infographic that depicts today’s modern marketer:



Originally published June 10, 2014; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Jen Senwoo is the Director of Marketing Demand Generation at Logi Analytics, where she is responsible for developing content as well as creating and measuring integrated marketing/sales campaigns to support lead generation and opportunity goals for the organization. She has previously held marketing positions at American University, BroadSoft, and Chevy Chase Bank. Jen holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Robert H Smith School of Business at University of Maryland College Park.