Escape the build trap

The role of product team has changed more in the past 12 months than the previous 12 years combined — and it isn’t slowing down. This pandemic has exacerbated and exposed cracks in today’s product lifecycle.

In a software eaten world, you can no longer win on features alone.

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Traditional product positioning is no longer an effective growth lever.

SaaS products no longer change every few months, they change daily if not even more frequently than that.

Claiming that your product is better than solving a buyer’s problem no longer works. You need to empower users to get their own actionable insights right within the application.

Product market fit alone is no longer enough to have a successful product.

In many software companies, growth doesn’t come easy. Despite executing best practices, implementing an agile mindset, and going after low hanging fruit they really struggle to grow.


Building a great product and having product market fit, are no longer enough for sustainable growth. How do you go above and beyond the noise to actually create products that are essential to your users every day work?

Product strategies are not rooted in a wish list of features.

Most companies believe that product strategies are wish lists of features. The faster the company codes, the more money they will make. 

In the end the product becomes a hodgepodge of complexity, where users don’t see the full value. In order to win the fight for growth product teams must focus on the product, not just the features.

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Great products empower users success and emphasize the value of each feature.

Today’s successful SaaS companies are lifting themselves out of the build trap by focusing on revealing the true value of their product and bringing clarity to every user by letting data within the platform do the talking.

This improves retention rates, accelerates adoption, and increases customer lifetime value.

Empower users with an analytics experience.

Reveal the true value of your product and bring clarity to every user by letting the data within your platform do the talking.

A personalized data experience

Accelerate time to value of your data apps with consistent, live metrics and complete control of the user experience.

Generate new revenue streams

Fully customize the analytics experience for your users – so users can drive their own insights, and attract new users.

Build data apps faster

Easily deploy and scale embedded analytics into any application that meets even the strictest of requirements.

Ready to empower users and create a great analytics experience that maximizes product value?