You Can no Longer Win on Features Alone

Growth doesn’t come easily for a lot of software companies.

Despite a laser-focus on bleeding-edge innovation and cranking out new features, scaling is still a struggle.

Building great software with cool new features is no longer enough to sustain growth.

How can you cut through the noise to create products that are indispensable to your users?

You can't do it on features alone.

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Buyers aren’t interested in the usual feature mumbo-jumbo anymore.

News alert. In a world eaten by software, SaaS products don’t change every few months. They change daily. New features. New feature descriptions. New feature fact sheets. Blah, blah blah.

Making the claim that that your product is better at solving a problem simply won’t mobilize today’s message-weary buyer. Giving them the key to unlock the enormous value hiding in their data will.

You can do it by making data and analytics your next strategic growth lever.

Product-market fit isn’t a growth strategy. It’s table-stakes.

Let’s assume that you’re past the point of wondering whether your software solves a real problem for actual humans who are willing to pay for it. So, we have product/market fit. Now what?

How will you continue to engage, delight, and retain customers? How can you stand out from the crowd and blow past the competition? How can you SCALE?

You get there by giving your users meaningful access to their data. That makes your product that a fundamental necessity for every user, every day.

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You need a product strategy, not a feature wish-list.

Typical product roadmap meeting: a bunch of stakeholders enter a meeting, each with a punch-list of features that they need to make quota or scratch the innovation itch. At the end, there’s a list of features to build. 

The idea is that, the faster your devs can code, the more money you will make. Not enough thought is given to underlying code complexity or the wholistic user experience. 

You won’t win the battle for growth by throwing more features at it. You need a strategy to reduce churn, increase sales, and free up your developers to clear tech-debt and innovate. Start with what’s right in front of you. Productize your data.

The solution to your growth dilemma lies in your customer’s data.

Today’s successful software companies are lifting themselves out of the build trap by “productizing” their customer data with embedded analytics.

Empowering their users with new business capabilities and actionable insights is unlocking growth both for them, and for their customers. 

Letting the data that’s already within your platform do the talking through embedded analytics is creating deeper user engagement, higher upsell opportunities, improved retention rates, higher win rates, and increased customer lifetime value. That’s a solid growth strategy.

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Productize your data with embedded analytics and unlock real growth.

Realize the full potential of the growth-engine that already exists within your platform.

Create better user experiences

Accelerate time-to-value of your applications with embedded analytics that give you complete control of the user experience.

Generate new revenue streams

Scale up with more sales, higher contract values, and a product with analytics features that empower and delight users.

Build data apps faster

Easily deploy and scale embedded reports into any application without adding overhead for your already taxed dev team.

Ready to empower users and create great analytics experiences that maximize product value?