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3 Questions to Ask Your Embedded Analytics Support Team

By Carlos Bello
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Finding the right embedded analytics partner is about a lot more than initial showmanship. A flashy sales process doesn’t guarantee success with embedded analytics. Especially if you’re an OEM or ISV, you have to make sure your embedded analytics solution offers the support you need to get into production and succeed long term.

Ask potential vendors what kind of technical and account support you’ll get after the sales process is over. These three questions will guide your search for a partner that helps you every step of the way.

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  1. Will your vendor support you on two levels, providing customer account assistance and technical support?

Your post-sales customer success team should be more than just a standby contact. Look for a support team that provides help on both a technical and account level. They should act as trusted teammates who will be liaisons for your short- and long-term needs. Can the support team demonstrate and articulate their role as a resource?

At the end of the day, your customer and technical success teams should act as a consolidated resource to bring you the tools—whether it’s one-on-one support, product documentation, or new capabilities—to ensure your success with embedded analytics. They should keep you informed on the latest capabilities and market progressions. To that end, look for an embedded analytics vendor that regularly introduces new advancements, updates, and products to the embedded analytics market.

  1. How often will your vendor get involved in your production roll-out? Will they also support future enhancements?

Your customer success team will be critical in getting your analytics project into production. Ask about the cadence of engagements to get a sense of their future involvement. For instance, how often will your customer success team engage with your development and product teams?

At a minimum, expect quarterly check-ins with your customer support and technical account management teams. Look for a vendor that works with most of their customers to enhance offerings and create competitive differentiation. Your support team should lift some of the ongoing burden from your shoulders. After all, you have your own mission-critical application to build, manage, and deploy. Your customer success team should act as trusted advisors who help shape product roadmaps as your application evolves. 

  1. Does your vendor specialize in embedding dashboards, reports, and analytics in existing applications?

Most large-scale data discovery applications were designed as quick, formulaic, out-of-the-box solutions for business analysts to create data visualizations for a handful of internal team members. But the world of embedded analytics is different. To successfully embed dashboards and reports in your application, you need a vendor that will seamlessly integrate into your core product.

Look for a partner that specializes in helping OEMs, ISVs, and SaaS companies with embedded analytics. Ask them to walk you through the key milestones and timelines to successfully brand, secure, deploy, and scale information to your user base—all while maintaining your unique application experience.

Conclusion: With out-of-the-box analytics solutions, it’s easy to feel like you are only a login I.D. to a support ticketing system—not a cherished partner. Look for a vendor with a customer success structure that goes beyond the veneer of “sideline support.” If they don’t demonstrate honesty or trustworthiness, they won’t be hyper-focused on your success and growth. Asking the three questions outlined here will help you find the right vendor for both your immediate and long-term requirements.

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Originally published March 4, 2019; updated on October 10th, 2020

About the Author

Carlos Bello is an Account Executive at Logi Analytics, where he oversees new business growth in French Canada, the Midwest, and South America. He holds a bachelors in History and French from Amherst College.