A Superior Embedded Analytics Experience

Logi’s low-code, low-cost development tools and dedicated customer success teams make it fast and easy to build and deploy embedded analytics.

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  • Complete Customization

    Deliver exceptional analytics and operational reports with ultimate control over customization, integration and the self-service experience of your application’s analytics.

  • Self-Service Analytics

    With configurable self-service embedded in your application, users are free to explore data the way they want, build dashboards on the fly, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Works With Your Tech

    Leverage your existing technology investments to securely build, deploy and scale the analytics layer of your application.

  • Security

    Logi leverages your existing security framework for authentication and lets you control data and user access.


Complete Customization

Logi provides unparalleled ability to customize and fully white-label analytics in your application.

  • Embed customized, interactive dashboards that engage users, deliver insights and differentiate your application
  • Create pixel-perfect reporting with precise control over the properties of every object
  • Match the analytics to your application with a custom-branded user interface
  • Create actionable insights with extensibility that adds functionality and automation
  • Globally brand using custom themes, CSS, and JavaScript


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Self-Service Analytics

Give users intuitive ways to interact with and personalize dashboards, explore data and share insights.

  • Drive customer satisfaction with a tailored self-service experience to match the end user needs and skills
  • Boost application adoption by keeping users inside your application
  • Improve productivity by reducing the volume of ad hoc requests for dashboards and reports


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Works with Your Tech

Logi’s flexible architecture works with technologies you already use for ease of deployment and unmatched scale.

  • Connect and explore all your data including big data, streaming and search data sources without compromising performance
  • Schedule and distribute large-scale, dynamic reports to millions of end users in seconds.
  • Multi-OS support for highly flexible deployments in the cloud or on-premises
  • Scale horizontally or vertically on commodity servers and support growth while minimizing infrastructure costs


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Logi leverages your existing security framework for authentication and lets you control data and user access.

  • Frictionless authentication experience for users that also aligns with your security model
  • An adaptive security framework to manage user access and data governance for multitenant deployments
  • Precise controls ensure security at every layer including dashboards, objects, rows, and columns
  • Avoid redundant data security efforts by connecting directly to data sources without the need to move data.


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