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Customer Spotlight: Youmanage Reduces Development Time by 75 Percent with Logi

By Alexandra Thrasher
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According to a Nucleus research report, companies that opt for an embedded solution are able to go live with analytics capabilities within weeks compared to homegrown builds that would average at six to eight months.

Self-builds may seem like a logical first step on the way to a new capability, but there are often hidden costs that can take up resources and ultimately derail your roadmap. Your developers will inevitably invest significant time designing, building, maintaining, and scaling capabilities that would typically be offloaded to a vendor.

When Youmanage came to Logi, they were frustrated with the homegrown analytics in their HR software solution. “From a dev point of view, we were struggling to make it work,” recalls Maurice Davidson, senior developer at Youmanage. The development team was spending countless hours updating and maintaining the analytics code base. As a result, they only offered customers a limited number of preset reports, and no way to aggregate data or create visualizations.

The Youmanage dev and product teams reached a critical juncture and concluded that the internal build was not a sustainable approach—every time they fixed a problem or added new functionality in one area, it would break functionality in another. This caused development cycles to stretch on and on. Youmanage decided to free up their dev team by investing in an analytics platform.

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Evaluating Vendors

In their search for a third-party solution, self-service was top-of-mind. Customers should have the ability to create custom reports without significant involvement from the dev team. Youmanage also prioritized security requirements and looked for a compliant solution that could hide data down to the cell level. “Logi ticked the box on that. Additionally, the Logi solution was feature-rich and highly configurable, but also intuitive to ensure a great customer experience,” Davidson adds. Moreover, Youmanage needed the ability to create a perfectly embedded, white-labeled dashboard that provided a seamless look and feel for their users.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Increased Deal Size

By partnering with Logi, Youmanage has seen a 75 percent decrease in development time. The new analytics features have been a key differentiator for the new business team—win rates have improved and deal size has increased by 50 percent. “You couldn’t pay me to go back to before Logi. The difference is night and day,” says Davidson.

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Originally published March 19, 2020; updated on April 15th, 2020

About the Author

Alexandra Thrasher is a customer content program manager at Logi Analytics, where she partners with application teams to get the most out of the Logi platform. Prior to Logi she was a solutions consultant at LinkedIn.