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Embedded Analytics in Action: DRC Adds Value to Its Applications

By Michelle Gardner
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By 2023, 90 percent of business users will interact with analytics at least once a day, but only 15 percent will realize it, predicts Nucleus Research in their report Augmenting Intelligence with Embedded Analytics. That’s because the entire application experience—everything the user sees, including the embedded analytics—will not only look consistent but also work together seamlessly. “As the market for embedded analytics matures, analytics will be incorporated into solutions as part of an application’s structure under the covers,” writes Nucleus.

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Embedded analytics involves more than white-labeling some charts and graphs. The best embedded dashboards and reports deliver information where and when users need it, surrounded by personalized experiences and robust self-service and workflow capabilities all within one application.

The value of an embedded analytics solution often comes down to how tightly it’s integrated with a company’s existing offerings. Decision Research Corporation (DRC) recently tackled this challenge head on when they embedded new dashboards and reports, powered by Logi Analytics, into their application.

DRC specializes in digital insurance solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry. By integrating their existing solution—comprised of DRC Policy, DRC Quote, DRC Claims, and several other modules—with the Logi Platform, they are enabling their users to unlock new insights without learning a new application.

Because it has been designed specifically for DRC, the integrated solution is a complete data “input-to-analysis” platform that looks just like the old platform, but enables users to access even more high-level information. The analytics also delivers personalized experiences for different DRC users, and includes self-service BI capabilities to allow end users to get the information they need without any assistance from IT.

By eliminating the need for end users to switch applications for the analysis they need, DRC is able to save each end user up to two hours each week, according to Nucleus. Users receive information where they need it, when they need it. Their normal interactions with DRC applications now extend into the embedded dashboards and reports without interrupting their workflows.

DRC’s new offering benefits a wide range of users ranging from executives, underwriters, and product managers to sales representatives, claims personnel, agents, and brokers. “By integrating our solution with Logi Analytics, we’re able to provide our clients with a seamless integration to real time and ‘day-after’ data analysis,” said Les McElhaney, VP of Product and Technology, DRC. “Integrating with Logi Analytics continues DRC’s vision of providing a personalized experience for users and self-service access across insurance information domains, increasing productivity and efficiency for our customers.”

The enhanced DRC solution provides intuitive access for insurance business users to gain insight into operational, production, claims, and distribution data.

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Originally published October 2, 2018; updated on October 12th, 2018

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