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Hants & Berks 4×4 Used Embedded Analytics 5 Ways to Face COVID-19

By Logi Analytics
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As emergency workers in the UK took to the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hants & Berks 4×4 Response—a regional branch of 4×4 Response UK—was right behind them. During lockdown, this volunteer team of 4×4 vehicle owners took additional calls to transport medical workers and deliver food, prescriptions, and medical supplies. See how they met the pandemic head on to support their communities using their application’s Logi Analytics dashboard.

Dashboard customization to meet new demands

Hants & Berks 4×4 Response volunteers are available at a moment’s notice—any time, day or night, year-round—to travel over rough terrain to assist with rescue efforts in severe weather or emergencies. The Logi Info dashboard in their application was designed to track these types of rescues, but not for the deliveries needed during the pandemic.

So, Axel Seedig, the group’s Chief Team Controller, created a list of requirements to add to their Logi Info dashboard:

  • Import requests securely from the National Health System (NHS).
  • Give 4×4 volunteers authorization to travel during lockdown.
  • Create a delivery profile that can track each request from start to finish.

Seedig knew Logi Info had the essential customization capabilities so he could build a dashboard specific to the COVID-19 service.

Novel ways to secure information and track deliveries

In just two weeks’ time, Seedig created a new dashboard that would keep their information secure, provide government-approved travel authorization, and track their deliveries.

1.      Secure custom portal for customers to make requests

To enable the hospitals, care homes, and other healthcare providers to make pandemic-related delivery requests, Seedig developed a secure self-service portal for them. Through their application dashboard, Hants & Berks 4×4 controllers auto-generate an email with a secure code that links a customer to their unique portal so they can create a request. After a customer creates a request, an email automatically goes to the controller who assigns a responder to it.

2.      Auto-import of NHS requests for PPE delivery

During the pandemic, the team has also taken on requests from the NHS to transport personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals and clinics. From their dashboard, controllers can now import the daily list of PPE transport requests they get from the Hampshire resilience forum—a combination of the Red Cross, the UK government, and the NHS. Then, they create a case for each PPE request with the details autofilled into the corresponding record. To help their customers keep track of completed requests, they send an “Incident Report with activities” (see the following example).

Incident Report PDF Export 1

3.      More efficient responder mapping

To locate the nearest available responder for a delivery, the Hants & Berks 4×4 Response controllers use the Google Maps plug-in in their dashboard. By hovering over a pin on the map, a controller can see the responder’s name, location, and type of vehicle in a pop-up.

4.      Government-approved travel authorization

During national lockdowns, the UK government allows only essential travelers on the road. To provide COVID-19 response and essential public services, the Hants & Berks 4×4 responders must carry a letter of authorization that identifies them as key workers and explains their reason for travel. From their dashboard, controllers generate the required letter (in the following example) that includes the responder’s name and a validation date.

Travel Authorisation 1

5.      Complete delivery tracking

From the time a Hants & Berks 4×4 Response controller creates a request, the information is tracked in the case record. The record includes the request details, responder information, and proof of delivery. From the dashboard, the controllers can also view a summary of all deliveries as shown in the following example.

Incident Report OnScreen 1

New possibilities

Seedig says, “Before the pandemic hit, our system was intended only for transporting individuals, such as healthcare workers, not for deliveries. The Logi Analytics dashboard made it easy for us to create a new system to track deliveries, from intake to proof of delivery.”

Learn how Hants & Berks 4×4 Response optimized their volunteer service 36X by embedding Logi Analytics in their application.

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Originally published May 5, 2021; updated on August 12th, 2021

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