CarePartners Health Services Improves Performance with Logi Info

Logi Info allowed CarePartners to make real-time data visible, resulting in tremendous performance improvements and providing drill-down for better understanding.

CarePartners Health Services, which recently received its second consecutive Governor’s Award for Performance Excellence in Healthcare, is a not-for-profit health care organization serving Western North Carolina. On any given day CarePartners provides quality health services to more than 3,000 patients across the full continuum of post-acute care in the following service areas: Rehabilitation Hospital, Home Health, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Hospice, Palliative Care, Adult Day, Private Duty, and Orthotics and Prosthetics. CarePartners has approximately 1,100 employees and 400 volunteers.

The Challenge

“Although we used some Microsoft tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services, much of our dashboards and reporting were done manually. For example, analysis for our home healthcare unit was done periodically through a manual process of downloading and manipulating data in Excel.

“We lacked adequate insight into performance for some areas such as the documentation of physician visits, which is important and directly affects revenue. We needed better tools to make things visual and provide reports that were simpler, while also allowing users to drill-down into them, and Excel is not conducive to that. We also sought to move to a more self-service style of reporting for end-users.

“Additionally, we’d recently gone through a new system implementation in our home healthcare unit which resulted in the loss of some reporting tools and performance indicators,” stated Brian Arldt, Director of IT, CarePartners Health Services.


Logi Info has allowed us to make real-time data visible, resulting in tremendous performance improvements.

Brian Arldt - Director of IT

The Solution

“We’re industrial engineers, rather than IT people and have no programming backgrounds. Our focus is performance reporting and improvement and we needed to become more efficient in delivering metrics to our organization.

“We began our search for a BI tool by looking at some open source products such as Jaspersoft and Pentaho. While we were fairly impressed with Jaspersoft, in the end, we felt that Logi Info was a better fit. The ease of use, shorter learning curve, and broad functionality were appealing,” stated Arldt.

The Results

“Our training consisted of the standard curriculum, followed by working with our own data. Our trainer was excellent and the process was a big help in getting the pieces in place we could build upon,” explained Susan Sparboe-Derry, management engineer, CarePartners Health Services.

Actionable Performance Metrics
“We have three main clinical care systems in which we document care delivery, including all patient billing and admissions. Those systems contain data such as payroll, finance, length of stay, and clinical outcomes. With Logi Info, we built a new dashboard with real time data that is visual and has allowed people to identify issues and act on that data. Logi allowed us to tap into the data behind the scenes to make both problems and successes visible as well as showing trending.

“In a number of cases, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in performance. Six months ago we were not meeting the minimum threshold for one of our key performance indicators 75% of the time. Users never had access to these measures in real time along with visualizations. But since deploying Logi and empowering people with visibility and immediate feedback, that number is now less than 10%,” explained Arldt.

Driving Changes in Behaviors
“Overall, we’ve been very impressed with Logi Info. It has been great in allowing us to make performance visible and accessible, along with providing drill-down for better understanding. That has been very powerful and has driven changes in behaviors. Logi has changed the way people work and provided CarePartners a two-for-one benefit.”

Future Expansion
“We’ve had a lot of fun building this, but we feel it is just the tip of the iceberg. We plan to build custom reporting on many other data sources as well as provide users with Analysis Grids to manipulate the data by building custom formulas, sorting, and grouping. Finally, we will be enabling users to subscribe and have reports emailed to them at their selected intervals,” concluded Sparboe-Derry.

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