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Creative Virtual Generates Reports in One-Quarter of the Time with Logi Info

Logi provides Creative Virtual with the flexibility it needs to quickly and easily create customized dashboards and data visualizations.

Creative Virtual is a leader in self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises. Since 2004, Creative Virtual has built the most advanced technologies in knowledge management, natural language processing and virtual assistants to help businesses deliver intelligent, personalized customer experiences that reduce email and call volume, build brand loyalty, and increase customer engagement at a lower cost per conversation.

Global organizations rely on Creative Virtual’s technology to optimize their customer support, sales, marketing, and call center teams, reduce costs, increase online sales, and achieve operational excellence across mobile, web, and social media channels.

The Challenge

“Reporting is a key part of this solution. Our clients need to be able to see how the solution is performing and how it can be improved to support their customers. We had a set of reports that we’d developed over about four or five years which were based on Visual Basic code within Excel. Our reports also had various graphics we had produced in-house by writing code from scratch.

What we had was good, but any changes, even small changes, required significant time and expertise. We wanted a solution with which we could produce changes, such as custom reports, quickly, and that didn’t require programming knowledge.

“Additionally, to provide reports to clients, we had to run the Excel reports and then email them. This wasn’t done on a daily basis, so clients weren’t able to access real time data on demand.

“Finally, we sought to enhance our overall data visualizations and implement sophisticated, customizable dashboards,” stated Andy Madge, Head of Technical Services, Creative Virtual.

Customer reactions have been astounding. Reporting now requires only a quarter of the time it used to take.

Andy Madge - Head of Technical Services

The Solution

“Creative Virtual evaluated a variety of business intelligence platforms; in particular various open source solutions. Instead, we selected Logi Info because it gave us a lot of flexibility in terms of what we can implement and the speed and ease of development were far better than other solutions we trialed.”

The Results

Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-12.04.18-PMFast Implementation
We had only two developers dedicated to the reporting functionality and we were able to launch the new dashboards and reports to clients only three months after purchasing Logi Info. We found it very easy to get used to initially and we were able to produce a lot of reports very quickly.

Reporting in One-Quarter of the Time
“The time and effort required to update our reporting has reduced substantially. First, we have many things pre-built. For the most part, when we do a custom report, it’s based on something existing with only a few changes required. It’s very easy to take an existing report definition and tweak as needed. Second, the process of making changes is faster as well. We don’t need to worry about making things look right and consistent, as we already have a consistent style. We just need to copy styles from existing reports and worry about the actual info we’re trying to convey.

“Overall, reporting now requires only a quarter of the time it used to take. Projects that previously may have taken two full days can now be completed in half a day. We’re able to spend more time generating new functionality,” explained Mr. Madge.

Astounding Customer Reactions
“Customer reactions have been astounding. Customers are particularly interested in this portion during the sales process. Additionally, we find that they engage a lot more with the reporting because they can control it and investigate what they’re seeing. The new dashboards and reports have enabled them to see much quicker results. Clients can now automatically see the reports with up to date information at any time,” stated Mr. Madge.

Interactive Charts and Panels
“We enable clients to set up their own dashboards however they like. Users can drill-down to individual customer inputs and transactions, change dates, or export to Excel and it is all handled within Logi. We’re not changing database queries within this. A challenge we had with Excel reporting was that if we wanted to provide this type of functionality, it would require a lot of work in Visual Basic or a number of different queries with Excel and SQL Server. 

“Previously, drilling-down and selecting various parameters would have required numerous different reports, which could take 30 to 40 minutes each to generate. Logi has been an enormous time saver,” stated Lester Lane, Analyst, Creative Virtual. 

Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-12.06.39-PMImpressive Support
“We have been very impressed with Logi Analytics and the Logi Info product. We’ve been particularly pleased with the frequency of new product updates and the way issues are dealt with. There have been occasions when we’ve had technical issues that turned out to be bugs. The bugs were then resolved within about a month and that’s a definite positive,” concluded Mr. Madge.

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