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Human Resources

FMP HR & Payroll Case Study

FMP HR & Payroll embedded Logi Info into its Amity software to provide modern self-service analytic capabilities to its users.

FMP is the leading UK and International HR & Payroll provider Headquartered in the United Kingdom with a team of 120 employees and over 2240 clients.

Amity is its online HR and payroll management software solution that can be fully integrated with organisations’ payroll and be easily tailored to business requirements.

FMP HR & Payroll Software is part of FMP Global, the leading UK and International HR & payroll provider, with over 40 years’ experience in 135 countries.

The Challenge

As a web-based software solution, FMP HR & Payroll designed Amity to meet the evolving business needs of its customers. And while early versions of Amity offered traditional business intelligence (BI) capabilities, FMP HR & Payroll quickly discovered that its customers wanted to do more than traditional reporting.

“We were seeing a lot of success in the HR space, but we kept hearing the same feedback,” said Nigel Derbyshire, software solutions development manager at FMP HR & Payroll. “Our customers wanted the ability to look at their data in different ways, and wanted more robust, self-service analytic capabilities.”

As a software development company, FMP HR & Payroll certainly considered building the solution themselves, but ultimately decided to go a different way.

“It came purely down to time and money. We knew technically we could write the solution, but in terms of time to market it wasn’t worth it for us,” said Derbyshire.

The great thing is our customers don’t have to log into another system. It’s completely transparent. They’re just seeing Logi as a feature of our product, which is really helpful for us.

Nigel Derbyshire - Software Solutions Development Manager

The Solution

Once they decided to buy – rather than build – an analytics solution, FMP HR & Payroll looked for one that would not only be compatible with Amity’s web-based environment, but with FMP HR & Payroll’s company ethos.

“We design our software to be flexible, dynamic and intelligent, and wanted to partner with an analytics company that not only met our technical requirements, but would also be a good fit culturally,” Derbyshire explained.

After looking at a myriad of products, FMP HR & Payroll selected Logi Analytics. Not only could Logi be seamlessly embedded into Amity, it could be flexible enough to meet the unique demands of HR.

“Human Resources has become more strategic and also more spread out. For instance, instead of having everyone centralised in one office, you might have 20 people spread over 15 different locations. We needed a solution to fit that kind of matrix – and Logi was that solution.”

FMP HR & Payroll implemented Logi into all six installations of Amity, and thousands of employees either directly interface with it or see the data output. Some simply want specific static reports, while others love the self-service access to records and customisation.

Derbyshire notes, “The great thing is our customers don’t have to log into another system. It’s completely transparent. They’re just seeing Logi as a feature of our product, which is really helpful for us.”

The Results

Since embedding Logi into Amity, FMP HR & Payroll has received excellent reviews from its HR customers. Where once their customers would display data in tables, Logi allows them to create a wide variety of visualisations, which is particularly valuable.

“Heat maps allow our customers to easily isolate disruptive employees, because they’re looking for a small red dot in a sea of green,” said Derbyshire. “We had a customer who suspected they had an absence problem, but couldn’t track it down at all. Using a heat map, they found it was a disruptive manager at a particular location and they were able to deal with that issue.”

Embedding analytics has also given FMP HR & Payroll a competitive advantage. While other HR applications switch users into data mining mode, FMP HR & Payroll is able to create bespoke dashboards for its clients. They can also embed these dashboards into that particular instance to allow customers to do trend analysis.

In the near future, FMP HR & Payroll is planning to introduce dashboards tailored to managers in specific fields. For instance, a dashboard for a retail company would likely look at different KPIs than one for a leisure company.

“A lot of our customers have BI tools internally at their organisations, but they are controlled by IT – they don’t realise there is another option. So when we’re showing the solution to clients, their eyes widen. Any key performance indicator you can possibly imagine, they can report on. The industry is changing rapidly toward that strategic view of HR and data.”

Derbyshire concluded, “We’re excited to keep developing and meeting customers’ demands. At this point, it’s all about what our customers want to see within the product, not what we are able to do.”

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