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Glassbeam Gains Flexibility, Delivers New Dashboards

Logi enabled Glassbeam to seamlessly embed dashboards and reports in its primary app, to provide customers with intelligence on their machine data.

Glassbeam Inc. is a big data applications company specializing in multi-structured machine data analytics for IT and business users. Glassbeam’s prepackaged big data applications for customer support, product development, and sales leverage the company’s breakthrough Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) that can quickly extract strategic intelligence from complex operational data contained in multi-structured machine data. Glassbeam helps companies make sense of machine data by providing a platform and a set of apps to reduce support costs, increase service revenues, and improve products.

The Challenge

“We previously embedded Tableau in our application to provide users with dashboards and reports. Unfortunately, at the time, Tableau didn’t allow much control over how elements were placed and located. We found it simply didn’t provide adequate flexibility around making changes to what we had built,” stated Ashok Agarwal, VP Engineering, Glassbeam.

Logi enabled us to seamlessly embed dashboards and reports in our primary app.

Ashok Agarwal - VP of Engineering

The Solution

“We evaluated numerous dashboard and reporting solutions include Jaspersoft and Qlikview. We found that Logi Info provided more developer control with options such as where to place charts, how to build filters, how to locate in different places in report- a lot more control given to developers.”

The Results

“We work with manufacturers to capture machine info coming out of their connected devices and provide intelligence to customers on this machine data.glassbeam-dashboard-B-for-casestudy Our dashboards are primarily plotting parameters from these machines, performance indicators, for example, trending the storage utilization over period.”

Eye-Catching Dashboards
“We migrated our existing set of end-user dashboards to Logi Info. After the first phase of replicating those dashboards, we’ve now built new dashboards with an improved look and feel. Our new dashboards are dynamic, and eye-catching.”

Continuous Improvement
“We’ve been pleased with the way Logi Info has progressed over the past few years and issued frequent new releases with new features and functions. For example, with minimal development effort, we’ve been able to enhance our offering with new charts, data visualizations, and trending.”

Excellent Customer Response Assisting Sales
“The response from customers has been very positive.glassbeam-dashboard-A-for-casestudy Customers and prospects alike are blown away when they see our demos. It has definitely giving us traction in the sales process. The number of our end users is growing.”

Seamless Embeddability
“Logi enabled us to seamlessly embed dashboards and reports in our primary app. We were able to embed calls to Logi URLs into an iFrame, resulting in a seamless connection that is transparent to the end user.”

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