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Integral Delivers Award-Winning Property Maintenance Service with Analytics and Visualizations from Logi Info

Integral leveraged Logi Info to deliver an award-winning property maintenance service with analytics and visualizations.

Integral, the largest independently-owned mechanical, electrical and fabric property maintenance business in the United Kingdom, provides both planned preventative and reactive maintenance to over 1,600 clients in 40,000 locations.

Integral’s critical environment management service, Uptimeplus, allows users to develop a bespoke maintenance strategy for critical systems, such as air handling units, generators and engine sets, and uses predictive technology and tools to reduce the consequence of failure and cost of ownership of a building’s key systems.

Uptimeplus takes data from Integral’s technology platform, Galileo, and provides continuous real-time monitoring of an organisation’s building assets. This allows the maintenance to be planned and agreed for each individual asset, depending on its performance, rather than a blanket approach for all assets.

The Challenge

Uptimeplus had been in development for two years; the core solution was complete, but could not be launched until the vital front-end visualisations and analytics were in place. Eager to shorten the time to launch a fully comprehensive solution, Integral looked for a partner to deliver these key aspects of the user interface.

Andrew Dutton, critical environment director, Integral, explained the challenge facing the team: “We knew how important the user interface and analytical graphics were going to be, but we didn’t want to delay the launch by developing them ourselves. We were keen to take the new software to market as quickly as possible, knowing that this solution would transform maintenance capability for our customers. We needed to find a partner who understood the model we had designed, and was flexible enough to work with us on this exciting new concept.”

We were delighted to discover that using Logi Info meant the development and build time was reduced from six months to just two weeks.

Andrew Dutton - Critical Environment Director

The Solution

Dutton and his team talked to several software vendors and, following a number of product demonstrations, agreed that Logi Analytics brought the knowledge and flexibility to the project that was needed. “Initially, Logi Info caught our attention as the data visualisations are ideally suited for mobile and tablet devices and this was important to us. We were delighted to discover that using Logi Info meant the development and build time was reduced from six months to just two weeks,” said Dutton.

With the data drawn from Galileo, Uptimeplus delivers asset-specific, predictive lifecycle algorithms to maximise the lifetime and availability of business-critical systems. This is then reported to the user through Logi Info, giving building and facilities managers the information necessary to make condition-based maintenance decisions for assets, rather than doing this on a time-based or run-to-fail basis.

The Results

Dutton said: “Our philosophy is that maintenance should be planned on the needs of each individual asset. It is imperative that high-value, critical systems are completely reliable and fully operational. With Logi Info delivering individual asset analytics and visualisations, Uptimeplus can accurately predict the point of asset-failure. This means that condition-based maintenance is now a reality in facilities management.”

integral screenshotUsing Uptimeplus, critical building systems are maintained in a sophisticated manner similar to procedures in place in the aviation industry. For example, in a highly complex and risk-sensitive data centre, each system component is individually monitored and specialist engineers can see how the organisation’s global systems are performing 24/7. This information is displayed on a tablet through the visualisations Logi Info provides. Users can also drill down into more granular data directly from the tablet. This means no matter where or when a failing element is detected, repair or replacement is predicted and managed without disruption or loss of service to the organisation.

Integral’s customers that now benefit from Logi Info and its data visualisations as part of their risk management strategy, include the Ministry of Defence and the National Grid. Building managers at these organisations can monitor the performance and maintenance of an asset individually, through the bespoke analytics and visualisations delivered by Logi Info, to enhance equipment life and make significant savings on maintenance costs.

Since its launch, Uptimeplus has won the Innovation in Technology and Systems award from the Institute of Facilities Management and the iFM Technology in Facilities Management award.

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