Interactive Medica Uses Logi Info, Named Gartner Cool Vendor

Interactive Medica was named a Gartner Cool Vendor due to its updated analytics capabilities, powered by Logi Info. Utilizing Logi allowed Interactive Medica to display a variety of visualizations on their dashboards, including drill down and drill through capabilities, radio buttons for users to select from a variety of parameters, bubble charts, and heat maps.

Interactive Medica delivers best-in-class web-based applications supported by appropriate professional services that enable life sciences companies to effectively manage their sales and marketing resources and collaborate with healthcare providers to maximize sales.

The Challenge

Interactive Medica applications generate large amounts of rich data, resulting in great potential for extensive statistical analysis. However, putting it into useful, easy to understand formats has been a constant challenge for the company.

“Our product is used by life sciences companies, and our users are sales and marketing professionals who most often do not have a background in formal sciences. So we wanted a lot of functionality in our built-in reports and analytics that was also easy to use and understand,” stated Wiard Hidding, director strategic projects and product owner, Interactive Medica.

Interactive Medica previously used visualizations from Dundas as well as building .NET reports, but found them difficult to maintain.

“We realized that to keep developing the analytics portion ourselves we would hit a wall at some point. While we understand Web development and the data very well, we’re not an analytics software development company. Graphing and reporting aren’t our core business, so we looked at components we could integrate.

“We required a product that could be integrated well in order to have the same look and feel as our existing products,” continued Mr. Hidding.

One of the main reasons we were named a Gartner Cool Vendor is our analytics capabilities.

Wiard Hidding - Director Strategic Projects and Product Owner, Interactive Medica

The Solution

“We looked at many different tools and found that Logi Analytics is a different kind of player in the market. We found that most other big players in the analytics space would not be as easy to integrate into our product. The architecture of Logi Analytics enables it to be embedded and that’s what we were really looking for. No others came close,” stated Mr. Hidding.

“We evaluated QlikView, and not only did we find the product to be very expensive, it also required its own data repository. The fact that you can connect to any data stores is another good thing about Logi Info. It fits with our philosophy, as we are also database independent and enable our customers to connect to any source they can come up with.”

“While Logi Info does have a learning curve, I find it very easy to work with and I really like working with it. Our integration of Logi Info is seamless to users. We built new controls which can host a Logi Info report and take care of authorization to connect to the server,” stated Mr. Hidding.

The Results

KPI Dashboard
Interactive Medica dashboards display a variety of visualizations and include drill down and drill through capabilities, as well as pop-ups to display details. Radio buttons enable users to select from a variety of parameters such as products or time frames. Bubble charts show product growth versus market share trending for competition, and heat maps display market sales versus growth by territory. The Interactive Medica application sends parameters to the Logi reports based on user profile, resulting in dynamic display of various data.

“Our application works with configurable Web parts you can put on different pages for various layouts. The pages for Logi are relatively simple because it’s just one control that contains the report.

“Each report can be fed with different parameters, such as territory ID and predefined products for specific users. This can all be configured from our existing administration interface,” stated Mr. Hidding.Interactive Medica CS image

“We’re very impressed with the look and feel. The experience gives real value to our customers and the feedback we’ve received has been very good. People say the data visualizations are the best they have seen and we are ahead of our competitors,” stated Matt Callaghan, director of product strategy, Interactive Medica.

“We were also named a Gartner Cool Vendor. One of the main reasons for this is our analytics capabilities and these are largely because we implemented Logi Info,” stated Mr. Hidding.

Additionally, Interactive Medica has recently developed a new feedback feature that enables users to leave comments on any report for other users to reference.

Territory Planner
“One unique feature of Logi Info we particularly like is the ability to modify data from within the product, by using write-back processes to make changes to the data itself. We’ve used that quite a lot, such as in our Territory Planner product, which goes beyond normal analytics, resulting in bidirectional BI,” stated Mr. Hidding.

The tool helps sales organizations analyze how to optimize territory allocation, which is an important task Interactive Medica’s customers frequently undertake.Interactive Medica CS image 2

Territories are displayed on a Google Map along with various layers users can select to help define market potential, such as number of hospitals, key practices, company market share, and home address of reps, each with its own color.

Users can simply click in order to reallocate an area to another sales territory and the application automatically runs processes to manage this change to the data. Sales targets can also be set within the report.

“We had previously done some work with Google Maps, but found the overall process to be difficult. But the way Logi Info integrated Google Maps is very good, and geographical maps are an important visualization in the pharmaceutical field,” stated Mr. Hidding.

Internal Use
“Finally, we also use Logi Info internally for tracking support and software development with reports such as burn down. Creating new reports is very convenient,” concluded Mr. Callaghan.

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