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Logi Analytics Helps Partner Bringsight Rapidly Deploy Applications For Customer

With Logi Info, Bringsight was able to develop a pricing application with self-service capabilities for Price Edge with limited resources. Following the success, Bringsight has become an official partner of Logi Analytics.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bringsight is a product development house that specializes in Logi Analytics technology. Bringsight builds high end applications for itself, as well as clients. An official partner of Logi Analytics in the Nordics, Bringsight’s senior consultants have been working as Logi developers for several years on analytic deployments.

The Challenge

Bringsight’s first large project was to co-develop a pricing tool for Price Edge AB, a boutique pricing consultancy in Stockholm.

Price Edge needed a pricing tool that could be developed quickly and be used by Price Edge consultants to support its manufacturing clients in developing new prices in a more efficient way. Price Edge also wanted to be able to let its customers continue to use the pricing tool after the initial project was finalized.

According to Frank Melander, Partner at Bringsight, “The tool needed to work for Price Edge’s typical customers: manufacturing companies that have complex portfolios with a lot of SKUs. They needed a tool with better performance than Excel that also allowed the end users to perform ad hoc, self-service analysis.”

Logi gave us the building blocks we needed—security setup, graphics, modules—to create a commercial solution in rapid time.

Frank Melander - Partner

The Solution

Bringsight chose Logi Info because of its robust development studio, which would enable them to deploy a solution quickly and cost effectively.

With Info, Bringsight was able to develop the pricing solution for Price Edge with limited resources.

“Logi gave us the building blocks we needed—security setup, graphics, modules—to create a commercial solution in rapid time. We demonstrated our first basic version after one month and Price Edge were able to gain its first customer quickly after.”

The Results

Price Edge began using the pricing tool for their pricing projects, and then shortly after deployed it for daily use for one of their key customers.

“It’s a niche product that solved some specific issues for Price Edge customers, and feedback has been great. Their customers appreciate most the ability to simulate pricing based on specific variables before making any price changes.”


Overall, the solution has helped Price Edge’s customers better gauge their pricing methods. While most companies default to the cost-plus method, the new tool aids customers in determining whether another methodology is more beneficial. In effect, it has helped them transform their pricing, achieving anywhere from three to seven percent in price effects.

Motivated by the project success, Bringsight decided to become an official partner of Logi Analytics so they could help other companies develop and embed analytics.

“Our customers usually are software companies with some sort of legacy reporting already in place, but they’re looking to expand and add more functionality. Their end-users want the opportunity to do their own self-service analysis in their existing tools.”



Bringsight is certified to market, sell, and support Logi software in the Nordics and have assisted companies in building end-to-end solutions and running implementations for Logi solutions.

“Our customers’ end-users want to build reports, not just consume them. Because we’ve embedded the self-service analytics tools where needed—not as separate solutions—we see higher user adoption.”

By embedding Logi Analytics, Bringsight’s customers have saved considerable time because they no longer have to piece together ad hoc reports. Now, they can build reports just once and then maintain them or use them as templates to build new reports.

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