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Public Sector

London Borough of Islington Saves £800K Annually with Logi

By leveraging the Logi Info BI platform for its management processes, London Borough of Islington has improved efficiency and saved £800k in annual costs.

Located in inner London, the Borough of Islington is home to more than 190,000 residents and one of the most densely populated boroughs in The United Kingdom. Each day, commuters traveling to the thriving business community increase the population fourfold, and football fans swell the borough on match days. With a size of only two by six miles, managing infrastructure and space is challenging, especially parking.

The Challenge

Like local and central government organizations worldwide, Islington must deliver services to its residents and businesses on a carefully managed budget. Islington Council Parking Services works with data in many disparate sources and formats, some of which is stored in multiple copies. Because of this disparity and distribution, Islington staff lacked the insight into the data needed to manage their responsibilities effectively. In particular, data needed to be shipped out to the Cognos server file on a periodic basis, and it was impossible to get live reporting out of it.

The division recognized various opportunities for change and increased efficiencies. For example, handling citizen complaints required slow processes with complex backend systems, including separate Cognos and Business Objects systems.

Additionally, the borough sought to both improve perceptions as well as customer knowledge around parking enforcement.

“In the previous regime, analyzing performance took up to a year. These were timescales we can no longer live within the age of austerity,” stated Nigel Montford, Service Quality Officer.

“While our systems were good for running day to day processes, we needed greater insights. We require technology that is cost effective, scalable, and easy to use. Additionally, all technology must integrate rather than replicate data. We had tried this with Business Objects and Cognos and just could not do so because any development was too expensive, complex, impractical, and time consuming. I also found that Cognos was not that agile when trying to do the more reactive dashboarding we needed,” stated John Galsworthy, head of parking and business service.

Placing Logi Info at the center of our management processes has had a dramatic impact, not the least of which is £800k in annual cost savings.

John Galsworthy - Head of Parking and Business Services

The Solution

“We considered all the top BI vendors on the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Of all the products I’ve seen, Logi Info is the simplest and easy to use. It does what I want at the right price,” stated Mr. Galsworthy.

Logi Info also provided the ability to easily connect to various data sources including the borough’s existing BI tools of Cognos and Business Objects, and Google Maps enterprise applications, as well as reports originally written with Crystal Reports.

The Results

“Logi Info is affordable and intuitive to use. I learned to use it in half an hour to develop custom reports, and you can build meaningful stuff in half a day. With Logi Info, we can easily write custom reports to gain business insights instantly, which we never had before.

“In addition to being an excellent reporting application, the unique feature of database write-back makes Logi Info very powerful. Placing it at the center of our management processes has had a dramatic impact not the least of which is £800,000 ($1.3 million) in annual cost savings. Logi Info has been so valuable for us so quickly, that I recouped the cost of the application in only one day,” stated Mr. Galsworthy.

Logi Analytics at the Center
“Logi has proven superior to other software that we’ve used by providing information very quickly. Logi has become so important to us now that it’s pretty much at the center of everything we do,” stated Mr. Montford.

Rather than have a conceptual channel model centered on a content handling system with Web input and output, the new model centers on a Web-based interface with input and output to SMS, phone, payments, face to face interactions, and many more. The Web interface provides a single customer view with all business system linking
to it.

Beyond BI
“We began using Logi Analytics to do business intelligence reporting, but as we discovered the extensive capabilities of the system, we also started using it to replace parts of the system to speed up productivity. The parking business system is able to query 2.5 million records and eight tables on the fly in only 1.6 seconds, whereas such queries previously required eight hours with Crystal Reports,” stated Mr. Galsworthy.

Islington parking enforcement managers now see the activity, in real-time, of 134 CEOs (Civil Enforcement Officers) – the individuals who issue parking tickets. Customizable dashboards created with Logi Info include real-time parking performance, live ticket issuing for the day, CEO whereabouts, and a CEO Deployment Gantt chart.

The dashboards revealed a drop in productivity after 1:00 p.m. When the CEOs realized that the post-lunch drop in their productivity was obvious to management, they increased the quantity of tickets issued in the afternoon, resulting in increased enforcement revenue. Additionally, by optimizing CEO geographic deployment, Islington was able to reduce headcount from 147 to 134 while increasing output.

Preventing Lost Revenue
Islington Business Services must deal with all parking tickets within 6 months; if a motorist complains and the matter is not resolved, the penalty fine ($70) is cancelled, resulting in lost revenue. Logi Info shows tickets in all stages of the process so those not resolved can be addressed before the six month deadline. This also enables customers with just complaints to have their cases resolved much quicker, further benefiting resident relations. With the implementation of Logi Info, average processing time has gone from six months to merely
four days.

Improving Resident Relations
Cancellations of unwarranted tickets are problematic due to both the high administrative cost and angering innocent motorists. Heat maps enabled Islington to identify streets and neighborhoods where cancellations were too high. The staff has now been able to find the reasons for this and take action, such as improving signs or counseling over-zealous CEOs.

Turning Stuck Tickets to Revenue
“Many tickets without addresses were simply left in the system and eventually cancelled as a bad debt two years later. Logi Analytics now allows us to quickly look in different areas of the database to find addresses and issue the documentation.

In the first seven months of using Logi Analytics, we’ve cleared about 16,000 tickets. It’s been an immediate success, and we’ve straightaway seen revenue come in as a result,” stated Joe Turner, Principle Technical Officer.

“Logi has given us an efficiency we’ve never enjoyed before, as well as massive cost savings. It has changed how we monitor the contract completely. We have found the more we use Logi, the more it encourages ideas. I don’t think we’re anywhere near close to reaching the bottom yet,” stated Mr. Montford.

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