Motionsoft Goes Beyond Crystal Reports by Embedding Logi

Motionsoft embedded analytics from Logi Analytics to provide data visualizations and insights, while creating a seamless application user experience.

Since 1989, Motionsoft is a leading provider of SaaS and financial solutions to the health and wellness industries. The company serves nearly 2,000 clients worldwide, including commercial gyms, family activity facilities, schools, universities, and hospitals/corporate-based wellness facilities. Motionsoft products include club management software, billing services, online services and scheduling, business intelligence, and data conversion and support. Motionsoft technology enables customers to easily manage members and staff, and streamline check-in, facility and billing operations, as well as provide 24/7 virtual access with myClub.

The Challenge

Motionsoft’s desktop application included embedded reporting capabilities with Crystal reports, which the company had found to be adequate. However, as they switched over to a SaaS, single instance, multi-tenant delivery model, Crystal could no longer meet their needs.

“Business intelligence is a significant part of our new product line. We really needed an environment to distribute reports and give customers visibility into their data using the same access method for the applications; which is within the browser. This is where we ran into the first major limitations with Crystal. They don’t have a great Web delivery model or a great single instance, multi-tenant model,” said Shane Edmonds, CTO, Motionsoft.

Additionally, while Crystal Reports can produce graphics and charts, Motionsoft found interactivity lacking. There were no dashboards, and reports were primarily static. Users could not drill down and move report segments on the screen. It was impossible to expose the authoring environment for end user self-service capabilities.

“Our core application is built on the Microsoft stack, so a natural choice when we started looking for BI was Microsoft Reporting Services. They have a nice product, but it seems geared more towards internal usage within an enterprise organization versus a multitenant situation or a distribution model. We found it very difficult to offer Microsoft Reporting Services to our customers and it wasn’t a great fit to embed in our product,” explained Mr. Edmonds.


We were so happy to find a product that was embeddable to the level that Logi Analytics was. We integrated deeply within our app, resulting in a seamless user experience.

Shane Edmonds - Motionsoft

The Solution

Motionsoft integrated Logi Info to function as their report engine and a Logi Ad Hoc-based report builder module where users can create their own reports or customize existing reports.

The Results

Implementation Speed

“Based on prior integrations we’ve done with other products, we had a planned integration timeframe of three to six months. Motionsoft-ChartsWe were very surprised and happy to have a complete proof of concept and a fully integrated product within the first 30 days.

“We found a ton of advantages to the Logi Analytics elemental development environment. Being able to reuse parts of reports becomes as simple as copying and pasting. Moving things around within a report is simple, whereas doing so in Crystal required a lot of reformatting and reconnecting,” stated Mr. Edmonds

Competitive Differentiation

Motionsoft created over 50 reports and four dashboards with individual drill-downs. “To distinguish ourselves from competitors who also offer dashboards, we wanted to make information accessible at multiple levels,” stated Mr. Edmonds.

Motionsoft BI capabilities include dashboards with customizable features such as moving panels and saving filters.

“We are taking advantage of the visual charts and dashboard panels. Our customers love these; they look great and are a great selling point for us. Many of our reports also take advantage of scheduling and the ability to distribute and deliver reports automatically via email,” continued Mr. Edmonds.


“We were so happy to find a product that was embeddable to the level that Logi Analytics was. We integrated deeply within our app so it does everything such as single sign-on from our app into the Logi Analytics portion, resulting in a seamless user experience. When users log in, the system must know who they are as an individual as well as what enterprise they belong to so they get the appropriate data.

“We found this very easy to do with Logi Analytics. We also reused the Logi Ad Hoc server as our ‘Report Builder’ module. A lot of the reports we produce in Logi Analytics are directly embedded in screens within our app,” stated Mr. Edmonds.

Data Analysis

“We have been impressed with the speed and performance. I was surprised when we first started testing how fast things were working. The fact that you can refresh the data within the report backed by data cubes so quickly allowed us to view reports as mini-analysis applications.

“With Crystal Reports, users had to enter parameters, run the report, get static output, and then redo the entire process to get different output.

“With Logi Analytics, you’re able to stay within the same screen to do that. We saw usage patterns start to change. Instead of people looking at and printing reports, they stay on the screen and refresh with different parameters to do analyses and find patterns in their data,” concluded Mr. Edmonds.


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