Multiquip Improves Decision Making with Agile BI and Mobile Applications

The dashboards and reports that Logi has enabled Multiquip to make better business decisions by analyzing production planning, supply chain, and product management data.

Founded in 1973, Multiquip is one of the largest, most diversified  manufacturers and suppliers of world class quality products and solutions for the construction, industrial, telecom, government, non-commercial, aerospace, municipalities/federal, entertainment, and oil and gas exploration markets. Multiquip’s comprehensive product portfolio encompasses light to medium construction equipment, power generators, and lighting. With distribution partners in Asia, United Kingdom, Latin America, and Europe, Multiquip has worldwide reach; they distribute products in more than 70 countries through thousands of authorized distribution partners.

The Challenge

Multiquip uses SAP as their ERP system and experienced difficulties with the SAP reporting. The SAP reporting component cannot be deployed easily, is labor intensive, and costly. Additionally, SAP reporting did not provide adequate graphical representations for end users. Overall, SAP was too clumsy, costly, and resource intensive.

To circumvent these difficulties, Multiquip completed reporting by batching everything and printing to Excel sheets. This process was not only time consuming and labor intensive, it also lacked interactive reporting capabilities

Our new dashboard report has already changed the way we do business. Our ability as a company to make the right business decisions has greatly improved.

Michael Hanken - Vice President, IT

The Solution

“I began evaluating business intelligence solutions and found that Logi Analytics had all the tools and features we required,” stated Michael Hanken, Vice President IT. Mr. Hanken discovered that Logi Info has an excellent application development platform and straightforward architecture. Additionally, Logi Info is easy to deploy, requires very little ongoing maintenance effort, and is cost effective.

The Results

Mr. Hanken worked part time on implementation with some assistance from Logi Analytics. With the inclusion of user feedback, the process was completed in a few months.

Using SAP as the data source, Mr. Hanken created a variety of reports including dashboards for executives, graphical maps with color coding for different territories, backlog reports, and logistical reports. Currently there are 30 internal users including executives, managers, and district managers.

Multiquip dashboard Improved Decision Making 
“Multiquip now has a tool that helps with forecasting and accountability. Our new dashboard report has already changed the way we do business. Our ability as a company to make the right business decisions has greatly improved using the Logi Analytics reporting,” stated Mr. Hanken.

Multiquip is planning to create a new tool that provides a 360 degree view of the company’s customers including buying habits, with links to SAP, CRM, and accounts receivable. The company also plans to distribute reports to customers with a new customer portal.

Future plans also include rolling out reporting to over 100 additional users, and creation of production planning, supply chain, and product management reports. “Once everyone at Multiquip saw all of Logi Info’s capabilities we wanted to do more for internal users, customers, and our business. A year ago we would not have been able to do this,” continued Mr. Hanken.

Mobile Application
Multiquip developed a web-based mobile application to complement the sales dashboard and assist district managers. Multiquip sought to provide easy, mobile access to critical business information without reliance on a laptop or binders of printed material.

Mutliquip Ipad DashboardiPad Sales App
The application serves as a “point of sale” system enabling managers to complete such tasks as viewing account history and tailored pricing, creating a quote on the spot, and converting that quote into an order. The design targets the iPad2 for sizing and features and functions on a regular Web browser. Data sources include customer information from Oncontact CRM and sales data from the data mart.

“Everything is completely web-based and the mobile extension of Logi uses the features already in the iPad operating system.  There is no effort on our side,” concluded Mr. Hanken.

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