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New Haven Technologies Overcomes SSRS Limitations with Flexibility of Logi Analytics

By embedding Logi Analytics, New Haven was able to create a flexible licensing model, develop a customized user experience, and offer c-level executives the ability to drill into key data.

New Haven Technologies, LLC was founded in 2012 to provide management information to business owners and C-level executives to manage and run their businesses more effectively. The mission of New Haven Technologies is to provide transparent access to information about its clients’ businesses so they can make better, more informed management decisions.

The Challenge

“I initially built our solution in SSRS and began rolling it out to clients, but we encountered numerous limitations. Primarily, as a developer, I couldn’t protect the code and the intellectual property that I had created over the last two years. I was going to be in a situation where I’d deploy to a client and the code would be accessible for people to easily take and reuse what I had written. I went to Microsoft and told them I needed to protect this because this is going to be deployed on client’s local networks, and I didn’t get a very positive response. They didn’t understand why I needed to protect what I had spent two years writing.

“Additionally, I found limitations with a lack of flexibility in SSRS. If you build reports the standard SSRS way, it’s fine. But if you needed to customize things and tailor it to your clients, for example, to enhance ease of use and functionality, it was a struggle,” explained Dave Keller, Chief Consulting Officer, New Haven Technologies, LLC.

Logi has added a lot of value for me. I have much more control over the user experience than with SSRS.

Dave Keller - Chief Consulting Officer

The Solution

“As I began to look for a new solution, one key driver was the Gartner Magic Quadrant, which is a methodology I’ve used for years. When I evaluated Logi Analytics, I found some real flexibility and a mindset that understood that my business is a startup. As an OEM partner, Logi was flexible in working with me on a licensing model that met my business needs. They understood I was starting a new venture to solve a problem that no one else was addressing.”

The Results

Fast Implementation & Ongoing Enhancement
“With no prior knowledge of Logi Info, I used the numerous video training materials and was able to have a product to trial with clients in a little over three months. I got started and saw early results, then was able to add to the sophistication of the solution, which is still ongoing. I continue to find new capabilities in Logi Info that I haven’t exploited yet, and there are also new product updates with new capabilities. I’ve been able to leverage Logi Info to deliver value to my clients.”

Flexibility in Technology & Licensing
“The key thing when you’re building a product for C-level executives is that these people don’t have much time. You need to be able to get them to the info they need right away in a way that they can consume it. Specifically, we wanted to empower them to go from macro to micro in three clicks without being forced to do it in a specific way with SSRS.

“With Logi, I have much more control over the user experience. We provide transparency to CFOs, CEOs, and COOs of IT consulting organizations. I can make the user experience and interface exactly how I want it to be, as opposed to tackling the rigid restrictions within SSRS.

“Logi Analytics has also provided flexibility in working with me from an organizational standpoint. The company worked with me to create a licensing model that met my business needs so I could embed Logi Info as a startup OEM. Logi has added a lot of value for me.”

Vital Business Insights
“Our analytics are based on a foundation of sophisticated SQL queries and a variety of ways of expressing that information. I built comprehensive dashboards that give clients a quick look at their entire IT consulting business in one pane, and also enable them to manipulate that data and drill-down. We provide Analysis Grids and cross-tabs where people can bring together relevant pieces of data and interact with it. Users can see the data in their database and do their own manipulations, filtering, and sorting to answer any specific questions they may have.”

Protecting Intellectual Property
“With the Logi architecture, I’m able to freely deploy it to the client location and at the same time, protect my intellectual property,” concluded Keller.

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