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Pegasus Health Supports Healthcare Quality with Logi Info

Pegasus Health implemented business intelligence from Logi Analytics to report against secure healthcare data and improve patient management and patient outcomes.

Established in 1992, Pegasus Health (Charitable) Limited is a not-for-profit organization that supports 105 healthcare practices within New Zealand’s Christchurch/Canterbury area in delivering quality care to more than 366,000 patients.

The Challenge

The Pegasus Health elected governing board sought to improve clinical and business quality across all aspects of general practice. Steve Hough, project leader – clinical and business quality, Pegasus Health, was tasked with managing the project.

“I evaluated numerous Business Intelligence (BI) platforms including Microsoft Reporting Services,” said Mr. Hough. “We have a Microsoft charitable licensing agreement, and we could have done what we needed to do with Microsoft products, but we needed to build an application that was easy to use for end users. Unfortunately, the output from Microsoft Reporting Services didn’t provide this for the GPVu project. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) would have been overkill in the way it manages reporting and would have required more training for end users.

Another application I considered was QlikView, but it was ruled out due to the need for a client-side application. The processing and distribution required to interact with and install QlikView at so many remote sites would have been a massive undertaking. Additionally, the per-user licensing fees were cost-prohibitive for our project, stated Mr. Hough.

Logi Info is an incredibly powerful tool. The cost and speed to build were exceptional.

Steve Hough - Project Leader - Clinical and Business Quality

The Solution

“We needed to report on information stored in various database formats, so the availability of connectors to other data types was a crucial feature. The majority of our information is now in SQL Server, but our practice database is an unusual database format, and we have a lot of info in Access databases, spreadsheets, and other formats. We also required a product that was browser agnostic.

“Finally, we also sought a Web-based solution, without the need for a client-side application. I felt confident that I could deliver what Pegasus Health needed using Logi Info. The clarity and transparency of the cost was favorable and enabled me to put a clear business case forward to our management team,” explained Mr. Hough.

The Results

“Logi Info is an incredibly powerful tool. The cost and speed to build were exceptional. I was able to build a demo in just days. With Logi Info, I translated the vision in my mind into something everyone could understand and gathered enthusiasm and momentum for the project. Pegasus-Health-GPVu-chartsUsing actual practice info, I was able to get a discussion going with General Practitioners (GPs) and other staff. This was an incredibly powerful opportunity to get practices engaged and motivated about the whole project,” stated Mr. Hough.

Using Logi Info, Mr. Hough then built GPVu, a medical practice management information portal for use by member practices in clinical and business quality improvement. GPVu is a realization of end users suggestions and shows practices how they perform against various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as government targets. The application shows anonymous data, enabling practices to compare themselves to peers of similar size, which was not previously possible.

Access to Multiple Data Sources

Mr. Hough built processes with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to extract data from numerous sources which is then pulled into a data warehouse using a SaaS model. This enables clinicians to view close to real-time data.

“We have amalgamated data from various sources including primary care facilities, and information from our local health board, which manages hospital based care in Canterbury. We now have an emergency department module driven entirely by info from the Canterbury District Health Board. The module informs a GP if a patient was in the ER, how they got there, and where they ended up.

“This information was already received by GPs but in a non-aggregated, difficult-to-comprehend fashion. GPVu translates data and presents it in a clear cut, easy-to-understand application, which is very important,” stated Mr. Hough.

Flexibility to Enable Ease of Use for End-Users

It was also important that GPVu be very easy to use. It is driven by pictorial icons and single left-clicks with no scrolling; little, if any, training is required. The application features an iconized menu and menus dynamically change as users navigate. Tabbed browsing also makes users more comfortable, as that is what users are accustomed to with practice management applications.

“The end user experience in terms of the info presented and the way in which it can be interacted with was paramount. The flexibility of Logi Info enabled me to build what we needed. Additionally, the ROI for Logi Info has been astounding. For the cost and what we’re able to produce and achieve, the return on our investment have been exceptional,” stated Mr. Hough.


“All GPVu modules were suggested and led by clinicians. GPVu will never be finished. I expect the home screen to grow and users will see new modules appear on quarterly releases. This scalability was only possible with an application like Logi Info. I interact with the server and am able to instantly roll out new releases to all users,” stated Mr. Hough.

Security for Protected Health Information

“We required the ability to govern our own data, as we are dealing with protected health information and needed to be confident that it would be protected. Building our own application allowed top to bottom governance in management, particularly around security.Pegasus-Health-GPVu-population-explorer GPVu has user profiles for doctors, nurses, and practice administrators, for dynamically controlling what information is available and to whom,” stated Mr. Hough.

Excellent Developer Network

“In addition to help from local Logi Analytics partner, Nano Blue, I’ve used the free Logi Analytics developer network, ‘DevNet,’ and have found it to be incredibly valuable. I’ve never known a community as active and willing to support others as DevNet, and I consider it to be a great selling point,” stated Mr. Hough.

In Conjunction with Microsoft

“I’m now a Logi Analytics certified developer in addition to being certified and well versed in Microsoft products. Microsoft products in conjunction with Logi Analytics allow me to do what I do,” concluded Mr. Hough.

Clinician Feedback

Users of GPVu have found the application to be beneficial and provided the following feedback.

“As a GP I believe the ability to cut and drill down into my data represents an opportunity to improve the management of many patients with chronic diseases; it represents a fundamental change in the way we handle data. GPVu will also prove an asset for performing Practice Review Activities and monitoring other patient related information. The real time updates for the Emergency Department, hospital admissions and after-hours care will mean that all primary care providers know exactly what is happening to their patients as it is happening which is essential when trying to provide a high standard of care.

“As a business owner there are exciting possibilities around managing High User Health Cards (HUHC), understanding claw-backs and ensuring that the funding does not ‘drop off’ enrolled patients.

“As a clinical leader, I think the challenge is to see just how far this tool can go. In theory the scope of GPVu is boundless and a degree of thinking outside the square is needed to unleash its full potential,” stated Dr. Mick Ozimek, General Practitioner and Clinical Leader.

“I’d say that GPVu has been really helpful at my practice to help me care for my patients. For example, it allowed me to see which of my

diabetic patients hadn’t had their free annual checkup. These patients were recalled by the practice team and have had their checkups, which has not only improved the quality of care but also generated income for the practice.

“The other data available for us to look at the practice has helped us work out how we can offer the best care possible for our patients and also to make our business more cost effective,” stated Dr. Simon Wynn-Thomas, General Practitioner and Senior Clinical Leader.

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