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Prevas Gains Competitive Differentiation in Machine Market By Embedding Logi Analytics

Prevas views Logi’s embedded analytics capabilities as a major upgrade for their products. Logi has both added value for their customers and created a competitive differentiation in the machine market.

Prevas is a technical IT company that offers solutions to customers who are developing products who need to streamline or automate their operations. Since 1985, they have developed more than 5,000 products, many of which have contributed to higher levels of productivity, quality, and profitability for their clients.

Prevas has a long track record of offering manufacturing solutions that help companies to improve productivity, quality, customer service and regulatory compliance.

The Challenge

Prevas caters to customers across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and energy. Their challenge has been giving geographically dispersed users access to the right information, at the right time, so that they can make more informed business decisions.

Clients in the manufacturing and energy sectors, in particular, collect large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources, including machines and data historians. Prior to implementing Logi Info, customers would use Prevas solutions to access their data, but in order to customize and share the reports they would resort to dumping data from one application into another, thereby reducing efficiency and ease of use.

As the data sources became more varied and complex, Prevas wanted to provide a software solution to their end users that would allow them to combine, calculate, connect to and analyze data over the cloud, as well as offer the ability to then share it in real-time without having to switch between applications. Additionally, they also wanted to offer more sleek visualizations for their users, allowing them to customize their visuals.

While Prevas considered building a front-end solution internally, they ultimately decided to add a third-party analytics layer to their solutions stack in order to accelerate their go to market strategy.

Logi opens up a new dimension for us. It adds value, and it’s a competitive feature for the machine market.

Christer Ramebäck - COO Solutions

The Solution

Prevas chose Logi Analytics due to its availability of support and resources; easy licensing for OEM businesses; and ease of embeddability and use. They also appreciated that Logi Info could be embedded on virtually any application platform and that they could customize it to look and feel like one of their local environment applications.

Prevas embedded Logi Info into two of their products: AutArch and Mikon. AutArch is a production organization system that provides real-time performance information on machines and manufacturing facilities. By utilizing Logi Info, Prevas was able to install one version of the system and update it from different sources.

Prevas’ Christer Ramebäck noted that “We put Logi Analytics on top of the product so people could analyze on the [factory] machine directly, but also over the Internet via the cloud. So the data can be analyzed right there and then pushed out to people who aren’t even on the floor.”

The second product, Mikon, tracks overall equipment efficiency to help companies improve the performance of existing machinery and plant equipment. Previously, every end user had to have an installed version of Mikon on their machine – but Prevas saw a clear market need for online accessibility. They used Logi Info to provide that immediate access to real-time emissions data via the cloud.

Prevas also implemented some of Logi’s smart graphical elements to help Mikon determine high-priority issues at hand.

For example, a virtual map where the size of a square represents the size of an oil fields, and the color of the square represents the severity of issues affecting a particular oil fields. If there’s a small red field and a large yellow field, which one do you focus on? Before Logi, Mikon users would have only seen the colors – not the varying size of the squares or severity of the issues – and so they would always start with oil fields that were flashing red within their application system. But with the implementation of Logi’s smart graphical visualizations, users can now compare size and severity of issues between oil fields and prioritize their resource allocations accordingly.

The Results

Prevas views Logi’s embedded analytics capabilities as a major upgrade for their products and for their customers. “Logi opens up a new dimension for us. It adds value, and it’s a competitive feature for the machine market,” said Ramebäck.

The new releases of the products have already brought in a much larger user base for the company. “Instead of a customer using the product with only one or two users because they each had to have their own installation, we now have up to 100 users per product.”

In particular, Logi has helped AutArch become a smart services offering. Clients can use one instance of the maintenance system to sell more service contracts with specific machine vendors.

Beyond competitive differentiation, the major benefit of embedded analytics for Prevas’ products are efficiency gains.

For example, users of both AutArch and Mikon no longer have to take screenshots and then export the data from the system in order to distribute reports. Instead, they can simply go directly into the system to see real-time data for themselves.

Ramebäck noted that “The right people can see directly where the issues are, and they can even dig deep and investigate issues rather than just reading reports.”

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