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SCIRT Leverages Logi Analytics to Analyze Infrastructure Rebuild Progress After Earthquake

SCIRT selected Logi Info to help accurately track and analyze all aspects of their program, allowing users to receive real-time data on key issues, so they can take necessary actions immediately.

The Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) was established to manage the repair and rebuild of the horizontal infrastructure (pipes, roads, and more) in Christchurch New Zealand, following the devastating earthquakes that struck the city in September 2010 and February 2011. SCIRT is a collaborative alliance of 8 key organisations that delivers end to end design and delivery of a $2.2B NZD programme of works.

SCIRT is working towards a deadline of December 2016 for when the over 700 different projects must be completed. This tight timeline can only be achieved through a willingness of the whole organisation to innovate and work as efficiently as possible. Timely and trustworthy information is crucial to achieving this mammoth task.

The Challenge

SCIRT leverages several different systems to manage its work, including a project management platform, an accounting package and many other applications – each containing its own valuable data. SCIRT also had some Microsoft Reporting Services-based tabular reports fed from a basic data warehouse, in addition to an large number of spreadsheets being used by individuals.

“The Integrated Service Team (IST) staff were exporting the data directly from source systems and populating it into their own outputs,” said Steve Hough, a technology consultant working with SCIRT. “Not only was the current reporting not working well, the various work arounds people were using immediately made the information out of date and simply not trusted.”

SCIRT recognized it needed to innovate, and quickly, to solve their problems, regain trust in what was being reported and to create something they could use effectively to achieve their delivery goals on time and on budget.

HiViz has been hugely beneficial in my role, giving me real-time data on key issues enabling invention and corrective action to occur immediately. With both graphic and numeric data displays all audiences, regardless of their analytical skill level, are catered for.

Richard McDowell - Commercial Manager

The Solution

HiViz 1The first step was a complete overhaul of the existing data warehouse, to create a solid foundation of what was to come. Overly complex 3rd party tools were removed, existing infrastructure was rationalised, and a total rebuild of a new best practice data warehouse was completed based on standard Microsoft stack tools.

SCIRT then set out to find an analytics platform they could leverage to deliver intelligent information and easy-to-use reporting to the entire organisation (around 450 users across the alliance). Other important requirements were the ability to integrate with GIS data, ensure robust security controls and the ability to quickly deploy outputs to meet a wide range of user needs – SCIRT managers would need a complete view of all projects, while individual project teams were to have much a narrower view of only their work.

“Having successfully delivered Logi based solutions with other clients I knew that the platform could really help SCIRT analyse the day to day details, and overall success of their programme,” noted Hough. “I quickly prototyped a few examples based on their existing reports to demonstrate what was possible with Logi. After this, SCIRT was ready to invest in the platform.”

The Results

HiViz 3With Logi, SCIRT created HiViz, a bespoke reporting and analysis platform. HiViz is the default homepage for all SCIRT staff and provides a simple to use interface allowing everyone to quickly access relevant information in just a few clicks. HiViz outputs were quickly built to replace all existing SSRS-based reports. Shortly thereafter, the team created a variety of new and innovative views of the organisation and its progress. The turnaround for some of these was just a matter of hours – from imagination to being published.

Richard Wesley, Business Systems Manager at SCIRT, noted, “The speed in which mocked up reports in Excel on my desktop can be translated into live HiViz reports available to everyone in the organisation, pulling from the latest data, is impressive and provides real efficiency gains.”

HiViz 7HiViz allows SCIRT to accurately track and anlayse all aspects of their programme, including financials down to the nearest cent and delivery schedules to the day. Being based on a well-structured data warehouse, HiViz allows SCIRT to meet the information needs of the entire organisation and has proven itself as a central, trusted source of truth on which the programme can be successfully delivered.
“With HiViz I can instantly view and select specific information that previously was far more cumbersome using spread sheets. We’ve also been able to automate complex manual calculations for rapid display,” said Roy Butler, Risk and Opportunity Lead at SCIRT.

HiViz 9SCIRT has received a lot of positive feedback on the new application from users. They note it is far easier to use than previous reports, which means users don’t need much training to start. Security for the whole application is based on a simple link to the existing Active Directory, SCIRT use a tiny number of groups to manage access to the entire suite of reports.

“At SCIRT we have an expression that is well understood: ‘There is value in everything we do.’ The HiViz tool illustrates this beautifully, because it is an enabler. It takes real, live data and allows us to monitor, review and discuss results. From there we make necessary changes and monitor them. It is a very important informing tool,” concluded Rod Cameron, SCIRT’s Value Manager.

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