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Service King Case Study

Service King embedded Logi Analytics to quickly bring real-time metrics in a single frame that is consistent from location to location. Over 3,500 teammates are now able to better measure their performance and quickly gauge how they compare to other Service King locations.

Service King Collision Repair Centers is a leading national operator of comprehensive, high-quality collision repair facilities with more than 300 locations in 23 states across the U.S.

The Challenge

With 40 years of experience to its name, Service King Collision Repair Centers has built a reputation for both exceptional automotive repair service and an innovative approach to infusing technology across its enterprise.

Since 2012, the organization has expanded rapidly, adding more than 250 repair centers across the country. That exponential growth presented unique infrastructure challenges, inspiring Service King’s leadership team to conceive a dynamic real-time reporting platform for its quickly ballooning footprint.

“We needed to find a way to quickly bring multiple real-time metrics in a single frame that would be consistent from location to location,” said Derek Kramer, Service King Chief Information Officer.

The company, with repair centers in 23 states, consistently communicates performance results to its internal leadership team as well as a wealth of stakeholders including leading national automotive insurance carriers. Therefore, aggregating the data in an intuitive fashion across the full enterprise proved paramount to its success and adoption.


The most common term I have heard is ‘game-changer.’ This technology is a game-changer because it is not just presenting interesting metrics. The dashboards provide unparalleled context, richness and depth.

Derek Kramer - Chief Information Officer

The Solution

To ensure high user adoption, Service King embedded analytics into its native proprietary management solution software. With its seamless integration and extensibility, Logi Analytics fit the bill perfectly.

“If you choose not to meet users where they are, you inadvertently add a level of inconvenience that can be catastrophic to your adoption rate,” Kramer said. “Our existing proprietary system provided ideal real estate available to allow us to embed analytics.”

Service King deployed the intelligent analytics solution to its 3,500 users in early 2016. Upon logging in, teammates were immediately presented the new dashboard neatly embedded within an already familiar environment. Within the tool, each dashboard is tailored to individual roles within the company providing access to nearly 70 key metrics related to the business and individual location.

Furthermore, highly-visible color-coded Peak Performance® indicators enable managers to quickly gauge how they compare in benchmark categories to other Service King locations in their region and across the company.

The Results

Through delivering frontline managers a complete view across their entire repair center operations, Service King has both increased productivity, real-time feedback and efficiency.

“With very few exceptions, the dashboard provides near real-time updates to all the metrics relevant to individual repair centers based on their location and their insurance carrier mix,” Kramer said. “That information, in the past, could take teammates 25 minutes to an hour each day for our teammates to gather manually.”

Service King teammates agreed. In fact, immediate user feedback proved overwhelmingly positive. Kramer and his leadership team attribute that reception to the dashboard’s embedded nature, ease of use, speed, and data accuracy.

“The most common term I have heard is ‘game-changer’,” Kramer said. “This technology is a game-changer because it is not just presenting interesting metrics. The dashboards provide unparalleled context, richness and depth.”

With the dashboards already implemented and boosting productivity, Service King and its team already have eyes set on the future. Leveraging the underlying architecture, Kramer says Service King is investigating extending the design to a host of third-parties such as customers or insurance carriers.

“This is by far one of the most robust dashboard applications I have seen,” Kramer said. “And we’ve heard the same from many others both within and outside the industry. Logi is certainly a best-in-class solution.”

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