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Swift Software Adds Value by Embedding Logi Analytics

Swift Software leveraged the unique data model of Logi Info to enable real time data interaction. Users can easily view business critical information such as when workers are under or overworked, or if there is a process where tasks are backlogging.

Since 1989, Swift Software is a developer of essential Web and mobile based products and related software solutions for business. The firm’s core product, JobTraQ, is an enterprise-grade task management and workflow software system. JobTraQ is a task-centric team management solution empowering best practices for human-to-human (H2H) interactions helping organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness by 15% to 150%.

The Challenge

Swift Software required improved business intelligence capabilities to empower JobTraQ users to quickly develop their own compelling reports. “We had a reporting section that allowed people to export to CSV, or do basic HTML table-based reports. We also had a custom interface for people to develop reports in C# using our reporting API. Finally, we provided access to our data model. Many customers were using their own third party BI tools or had in-house developers creating reports.

“However, a growing, significant portion of our client base was dissatisfied. Customers were frustrated because either they didn’t want to have to wait in a long line of requests or pay outside sources to develop custom reports. Some who used third party BI tools also felt they didn’t effectively address certain concerns such as integrated security,” said Vaughn Thurman, CEO, Swift Software.

By embedding Logi Analytics, we’ve added to the value proposition of our overall product. We’ve been able to earn good additional revenue through sales of the BI module.

Vaughn Thurman - CEO

The Solution

Swift Software decided to maintain focus on their core competency by embedding a third party dashboard and reporting solution. After evaluating several solutions, the company chose Logi Analytics due to the product’s compelling visualizations, easy integration with dynamic metadata, and depth of API.

“I realize a lot of SaaS providers and ISVs are facing the same challenge; if you’re selling to business decision makers, your technology has to enable them to make quick decisions and changes. You need to allow them to implement changes, measure, monitor, and continue to improve,” stated Mr. Thurman.

The Results

JobTraQ users now have a wide variety of pre-built and custom reporting capabilities available through an integrated business intelligence module.

“We leveraged the unique data model of Logi to enable real time data interaction. JobTraQ can take advantage of Logi to make it equally easy for users to design their own reports,” stated Josh Yeager, Software Development Manager, Swift Software.Swift Software CS image

Users can filter or create custom views to look at such critical, real-time, forward looking data points as all their team’s tasks, or everything their team is working on that is overdue or at risk. Likewise, they can just as easily view past performance to look for patterns and opportunities. The reporting enables users to easily see business critical information such as when individuals or entire teams are under or overworked, or identify a process where tasks are backlogging.

Custom Reporting
“In JobTraQ, users can quickly create and apply their own custom fields and task types to the business processes they want to automate. We needed a business intelligence module that could be made aware of these new custom fields in real time so that users could immediately develop reports based on that new metadata. Additionally, we needed to be certain that users who restricted permissions in JobTraQ, in order to prevent sensitive information from being accessed, could count on the same security being delivered via the BI module. We were able to accomplish this through our integration with Logi Analytics,” stated Mr. Yeager.

Seamless Integration
“We were able to customize the color scheme, images, and even the help files so that they have the same look and feel as the main JobTraQ interface.

“That was very easy to do. JobTraQ still has complete security control of every aspect of the system. Administrators can restrict individual users or groups of users’ read, write, and edit capabilities to any field in the system as well as to specific records,” stated Mr. Yeager.

Enhanced Product Value
“By embedding Logi Analytics, we’ve added to the value proposition of our overall product. We’ve been able to earn good additional revenue through sales of the BI module. Even when customers don’t purchase the BI module, it has been advantageous for us to demonstrate those capabilities. Our clients see it as being equally sophisticated as the rest of our product and they like the attractive reports they’re able to generate quickly and they’re able to quickly impress managers. Logi has also helped us stay true to our core mission, focusing on human performance,” stated Mr. Thurman.

“When considering embedding third party technology, one of most important things is the long term business relationship. Logi Analytics has been great to work with and has supported us to make sure we were successful in deploying this technology as a value-add to our products. We recommend Logi Analytics to fellow software companies when considering building versus buying,” stated Mr. Thurman.

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