TCR (Nottingham) Prevents Disease, Wins New Business with Logi

Logi Info allowed TCR Nottingham to provide excellent results with a smaller team, in less time. Rather than viewing data visualizations, many public health professionals prefer to manipulate data themselves.

For more than 20 years, TCR (Nottingham) has developed a wide range of software for the Healthcare Community. TCR applications have included Clinical Systems, Medical Cooperative Systems, Pathology Links Systems, Laboratory Links Systems, and MIQUEST related systems.

The Challenge

“TCR needed to provide a web-based platform for delivering reporting to users. We’re in a changeable environment. The structure of the NHS (National Health Service) here in the UK is going through a radical change and different groups of people will be taking on responsibility for some key areas. We wanted a tool that would allow us to accomplish three things: quickly react to changes in order to alter output based on revised requirements, provide a standardised reporting front end, and enable us to provide an application front end,” stated Clive Morris, CEO, TCR (Nottingham) Ltd.

TCR also previously used Crystal Reports for embedded reporting capabilities. However, the company didn’t feel Crystal could deliver a web-based reporting tool. Additionally, the licensing structure made it cost-prohibitive.

We wouldn’t have won the business without Logi Info. With a tool like Logi Info, you can provide excellent results with smaller teams and less time.

Clive Morris - CEO

The Solution

“We came across a trial version of Logi Analytics and found what appeared to be the perfect solution for our needs. As we investigated and developed with it, we began to understand how powerful it could be. After working with the product, we were able to accomplish much more than we originally thought, enabling wider development opportunities,” stated Mr. Morris.

The Results

Ease of Formatting
“When we first started looking at Logi Analytics, it was with a view to using it as a report presentation layer; a convenient way to open a MySQL table, run the data, and put it out on a form. We found it really easy to lay the pages out exactly as we wanted. When writing raw HTML, you can struggle to get correct page formatting. The straightforward approach adopted by Logi made it very easy to produce an entirely professional result. It was a great time saver.”

“In addition to reporting, we needed to be able to provide applications that allowed real interaction and recording of data, as well as manipulation of data on the Web. We have been able to use Logi in several high profile projects. One such project is  the ‘NHS Health Checks’ screening programme, where a health check is recommended every five years for patients aged 40 to 74 without established disease. With Logi Info, we can provide users in public health with analysis that enables them to manage these types of processes.  The reports we provide contribute to a detailed understanding of the health of the population and the steps necessary to manage high risk patients.

“General Practitioners have their own clinical systems and our overall process extracts anonymised data and passes it through to our servers, which act as a repository for that data. Logi Info then delivers reports and details.

“Our applications provide analysis across regional populations and help practitioners target individual patients. By utilising Web Services within Logi we are able to apply risk algorithms to the data at a regional level, and for practitioners at a local level,” explained Mr. Morris.

Winning New Business
“We wouldn’t have had the business without Logi Info. Working with conventional HTML, PHP, and JavaScript are all great, but you tend to need bigger teams to do that and it takes longer. You can be a much smaller organisation with a tool like Logi Info and provide excellent results,” asserted Mr. Morris.

Data Encryption
“As time went on, we saw how you could work with plug-ins inside Logi info and we developed a particular plug-in to help in some of our work using strong-encryption with the NHS. The data is encrypted in the data tables, and we use our plug-in to decrypt it on the fly for the end user.”

Analysis Grid
“We have found that, rather than viewing data visualisations, many public health professionals prefer the ability to manipulate data themselves. This is where the Logi Analytics Analysis Grid has proven to be quite popular. Instead of TCR writing 10 reports, we can provide an Analysis Grid, which gives users the ability to work with the data, and export to CSV or Excel. By using the Bookmark facility, individual users can create many different ‘views’ in the Analysis Grid which can be recalled at any time. If they want to add additional calculated columns they can do so themselves,” continued Mr. Morris.

Randomised Trials
TCR also provides collection and analysis tools to research groups in the NHS. These groups conduct randomised trials focused on improving healthcare and disease prevention. Logi Info will be used as both a data-gathering application and reporting tool in one new trial, which will continue over three years and include up to forty thousand patients.

Using an open-source interface to UK-based geographic information and Web service links to Mapquest, TCR was also able to include the ability to plot patient distributions on maps, and view nearby doctors, pharmacies, and regional centres.

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