VasoHealthcare Saves Time, Enhances Insight with Logi Info

Logi provides VasoHealthcare with the flexibility to better analyze its data through more efficient reporting and effective visualizations.

VasoHealthcare Sales Professionals is an expertly managed alternative sales channel and serves as an authorized manufacturer representative for select diagnostic imaging products in the 48 contiguous states of the U.S. and District of Columbia.

The Challenge

“We receive a large amount of data from our client, but it is quite disconnected and unstandardized. The data arrives in Excel format, but Excel-based reporting is inherently inefficient and not scalable over time. Our data does not always link together and often requires a lot of time consuming, manual intervention in order to effectively use it. The amount of time needed to properly transform, summarize, and distribute the information causes our data to become less actionable and less relevant. We needed to spend less time modifying and massaging the data, and more time using it when it matters most.

“Additionally, we have many stakeholders, both internal and external, who are each interested in their unique look at the business,” stated Brian Kost, Strategic Business Analyst, VasoHealthcare.

The flexibility of Logi Info has enabled us to better use our data through more efficient reporting and effective presentation. We have saved the time of at least one full time employee.

Brian Kost - Strategic Business Analyst

The Solution

“For us, the most attractive element about Logi Info was its flexibility and we now have something that can deal with challenges as they come up in the future. It would be a significant programmatic oversight if we created our BI tool to work for only one client, only to redesign it for new clients. Logi is much more beneficial to us than having a rigid, ‘big box’ solution where data is unusable outside of very specific parameters,” explained Mr. Kost.

The Results

VasoHealthcare is creating a variety of dashboards and reports with critical sales data such as opportunities, commissions, backlog, and territory KPIs, as well as reports that utilize a variety of popular tools, such as Google maps. The company initially launched its program to over 80 users including headquarters staff, management, and account managers, to provide them with relevant data in a clearly defined and comprehensible dashboard.

Opportunity Management System
“We designed an opportunity management system where Logi serves as both an input and output mechanism to the end user as the primary interaction point. A SQL database sits underneath Logi and performs the majority of the ETL functions (extract, transform, load) required for the data that originates from different, disparate sources,” explained Mr. Kost.

Users modify opportunities as information becomes available to actively manage the sales funnel daily. It is a singular point of entry for various management levels where they can make changes to, and update, their forecast. Since everything comes back to one SQL data source, VasoHealthcare does not waste time collecting and collating dozens of spreadsheets.

“Excel data is now loaded directly into the SQL database and is immediately reported out to users in less than five seconds. The efficiency improvement is almost immeasurable. We could have hired at least one full time employee, if not two, doing nothing but data transformation, crunching, and presentation.

“We have been able to present the breadth and depth of information in an easy to use, visually appealing mechanism. Users can access the information they need by simply clicking through options and quickly selecting parameters, rather than asking the analytics department to create custom reports,” explained Mr. Kost.

“We have a wide variety of future capabilities with Logi because of its flexibility in interacting with many different data sources. I think our trainer described Logi best, ‘This is how software should be.’  As our company grows, the future data challenges are unpredictable. It is very important to build an adaptable system now that can scale to future data challenges, whatever they may be,” stated Mr. Kost.

Platform Independent
“The ability to deploy dashboards on a wide variety of platforms is central to our user’s adoption and usage. They need to be able to access data from their PC, tablet, or iDevices.

“While our program requires a lot of foundational start-up effort, we are building a system that completely meets our current and future needs. Fortunately, software limitations are not a determining factor of our program’s development plan,” concluded Mr. Kost.

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