YES BANK Leverages Logi Info to Speed and Enhance Its Decision-Making Processes

Logi Info is the underlying technology for YES BANK’s reporting and analytics platform, which provides a wide range of reports, developed and automated for users across all departments.

YES BANK, India’s fourth-largest private sector bank, is an outcome of the professional entrepreneurship of Founder Rana Kapoor and his highly competent top management team, which established a high-quality, customer-centric, service-driven, private Indian bank catering to the “Future Businesses of India.”

Since its inception in 2004, YES BANK has adopted international best practices with the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence. It offers comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all its customers. YES BANK has received numerous recognitions for its IT infrastructure and payments solutions, as well as excellence in human capital.

Using technology to provide superior customer service is central to YES BANK’s business philosophy. By offering innovations such as mobile banking, two-factor authentication, radio-frequency identification and advanced speech-enabled interactive voice-response systems, YES BANK delivers a differentiated service to its commercial and retail customers.

The Challenge

As one of the fastest-growing banks in the country, there was a need to transform its analytical and reporting system to support businesses in order to cater to the Business Intelligence (BI) requirements of over 7,000 employees. YES BANK wanted an enterprise-wide BI system that would provide every department with a consistent view of sales figures, product performance and other operational and process-centric metrics and Management Information Systems (MIS). All this was required along with ensuring that the right level of access was granted in accordance with the bank’s hierarchy.

Mr. Suren Shetty, CIO, YES BANK described this challenge: “A considerable amount of time was spent by MIS teams each day to download each department’s data in Excel, generate the reports and circulate them to the relevant users. Delays in publishing reports meant delays in information for decision making.”

“We wanted to completely automate the entire data extraction and report generation, and deliver it to the relevant business users, which would help them make speedy, quality and timely decisions. This would enable us to increase productivity, and remove the risk of data leakage.”

We've had excellent feedback from business users on the benefits of Logi Info. When we train users on our banking systems, it is Logi Info that really captures people’s interest and imagination.

Suren Shetty - Chief Information Officer

The Solution

Mr. Shetty, the project sponsor, Mr. Rajat Gupta, the overall program manager, and the project team of eight people carefully evaluated a number of BI tools available in the market. Many of those tools were very expensive, difficult and time consuming to implement. YES BANK then evaluated Logi Analytics. Mr. Shetty noted: “We used Logi Info from Logi Analytics for creating a range of reports for our branches and CFO, showing them the flexibility of analysis and data visualizations while demonstrating the benefits of automation. We found Logi Info was easy for our junior management to use and it enabled highly analytical reporting. With less than two days of Web-based training, we had the expertise to create all the different dashboards needed to support various business units within the bank. Logi Info helped decision making to become quick, accurate and scientific. We have used Logi Info for over six years and it still continues to fulfill all our analytics and reporting requirements.”

The Results

Logi Info has yielded multiple benefits for YES BANK. Immediate productivity benefits included a historic view of the previous day’s activity and performance, which would have otherwise taken an entire working day to prepare, is now waiting for employees before the working day starts. Not only did this give YES BANK the ability to react faster to business events, but also the information in the reports was more comprehensive and easy to comprehend. Logi Info also helped create personalised dashboards for each individual, team and department to segment and analyze their own figures to uncover patterns. It also helped identify opportunities to drive performance.

Mr. Shetty added that the user response to Logi Info has been fantastic and there are now over 7,000 users benefiting from the information and intelligence that is provided through the Logi Info analytical tool.

The investment in Logi Info has enabled YES BANK to develop an extensive yet cost-effective BI strategy and framework. Logi Info is the underlying technology for YES BANK’s reporting and analytics platform, Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope aims to provide ‘Business Intelligence for all’ and is an overarching brand for a wide range of reports, developed and automated for users across all YES BANK departments. This platform integrates data from a range of banking systems, including core banking, loans, wealth management and treasury. The reports produced include:

  • Customer analytics – integration of sales, customer acquisition and cross-selling
  • Productivity measurement
  • Risk analytics
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Corporate governance

YES BANK is planning to extend access to Logi Info-driven analytics to mobile devices for its field-based workforce.

Business Intelligence has been implemented in four phases, including the current phase of unstructured data analytics. Mr. Shetty said: “We have had excellent feedback from business users over the past six years on the benefits of Logi Info. When we train users on our banking systems, it is Logi Info that really captures people’s interest and imagination and we are very proud of this. The product enhancements that Logi Analytics has delivered during the last six years means that Logi Info just gets better and better. For example, the recent redesign of certain charting elements gave us a wider range of options for visualisation and more control. Another example would be the addition of the dimension grid that allows users to manipulate data, which has been a real hit with our user community.”

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