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Low-code embedded analytics for highly interactive analytics experiences

We know that delivering engaging analytics can be daunting – so we’re working with Cloud Development Resources to help teams deliver the analytics your users need on-time and on-budget.

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A holistic strategy for embedding analytics

Analytics strategy should never be siloed. Logi and CDR work together to help teams quickly implement both beautiful and engaging analytics experiences.

The fastest approach to GTM
Increase time-to-value by delivering analytics 4X faster than DIY

Leave maintenance up to us
Choosing Logi’s embedded analytics means that you don’t carry the risk of having to maintain your analytics layer

Low-code framework
You don’t need a giant development team to deliver engaging analytics

Full access to self-service
Customize your end users’ experience with the most comprehensive self-service capabilities in BI

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The path to data leadership: Embracing embedded analytics

90% of users need analytics to succeed in their job roles, yet BI adoption is below 30%. How are leading organizations driving user retention through analytics adoption?

Buy vs. DIY: How does embedding analytics influence ROI?

Learn how other leading organizations are reducing development time by up to 75%, while saving 50% in operational cost by embedding analytics.

Ultimate customization of the user experience through self-service

The best analytics experience is the one that feels like it was created just for you. Yet for teams wanting to deliver a robust experience, this can be a real challenge.